Sometimes, a freshly brewed cup of coffee just isn’t enough to wake you up. There are days when you need a little extra help—and what better helper than a mug that’s so delightful it energizes you just by holding it? Tall or squat, skinny or curvy, the best cups of the moment have one feature in common: a quirky novelty handle. 

From spirals to extra-long C-curves, we’ve been spotting tons of mugs that lend a good grip in the most exciting ways. You almost don’t even need caffeine.

The Teensy Squiggle

Nouille Mug, Neenineen ($44)

Who says you need a whole handle? Neenineen’s mug fits ergonomically into your hand while also looking a bit Seussian.

The Chubby Cup

Chubby Mug, Erin Smith (€80)

Pair Erin Smith’s fabulously rotund mug with an equally plush doughnut and just try to keep a smile off your face.

The Simple Shape

Hasami Porcelain Mug, Kanso ($24)

Who said handles need to be round? If you fancy yourself a sophisticate, this Japanese mug, with its sleek square handle, was practically made for you.

The Cult Favorite

Mug, Workaday Handmade ($46)

The oversize handles on Workaday Handmade’s cups are just as important—if not more than—the vessel itself. It makes for a pleasing silhouette, no?

The Wiggly Wave

Ceramic Mugs, 2232 Ceramics ($28)

The best way to commit to this trend is to opt for a mug that really goes with the flow, if you know what we mean.

The Extra-Extra-Long One

Looong Handle Mug, The Pursuit of Happiness ($40)

If you really need a hand, look no further than this hyperbolic handle.

The Loop-de-Loop

Squiggle, Milomade (£36)

When that 3 p.m. latte starts to feel ho-hum, mix things up with a cup that’s as fun as a day at the carnival.

The Highlight

Mug, Recreation Center ($48)

Recreation Center’s mugs are cool all over, but we like that their handles get an extra-vibrant treatment.

The Full Circle

Circle Mug, YYY ($64)

These mugs by Mérida Anderson are the grown-up version of the mini-handle teacups you had as a kid.

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