Just like people, no Christmas tree is alike, but Kylie Jenner’s, Gigi Hadid’s, and even Jane Fonda’s have something in common: They’re laden with drool-worthy decorations that are making us hungry and happy. Jenner and Hadid proudly display almost identical burgers, while Fonda and Kelly Ripa opted for the sweeter side: sprinkle-dusted doughnuts. Perhaps it’s because of the less-than-joyful year we’ve had—we all seem to be craving a bit of fun right now, which is exactly what these shiny, colorful pieces bring to a tree. Plus simple white string lights balance out all that kitsch.

To make your #StickOfButter dreams come true, Target’s glass replica is here, while a glittery metallic pickle and hot dog are surprisingly festive. Even John Derian is into the trend, offering a kidney-shaped slice of meat ornament (handblown in Poland!) that your dog might mistake as his present. Just make sure you have a big meal ready for after admiring your evergreen’s new bling to satisfy the inevitable cravings.

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