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A disclaimer is in order: I’m not Scrooge, I’m just really bad at holiday decorating. Every year, I put it off until it’s too late, ceremoniously hang a single sprig of red berries from a wall, and then forget to take it down till February. It doesn’t help that a lot of Christmas decor is—it must be said—tacky. I don’t want clashing colors, Technicolor twinkle lights, and fuzzy snowmen adorning every corner; I want something that’s festive but elevated. Something that won’t feel totally out of place when I inevitably leave it up until spring.

Danish brand Ferm Living recently released its holiday collection, and it looks like it’s on the same wavelength; the pieces have exactly the understated, moody vibe I’ve been looking for. Subdued burgundy and navy have taken over, with sculptural metal accents and marbled paper designs offering just the right amount of glam. Whether you’re in search of ornaments or tabletop essentials, check these out before going anywhere else: 

The Candles

Duo Candle (set of 2), Ferm Living ($10)

Why settle for a solid-colored taper when these cool, drip-effect ones exist? You don’t need a flashy holder to make them the focal point of your mantel. 

The Wall Hanging

Deco Frames, Ferm Living ($50)

I’d attach a few sprigs of dried flowers or eucalyptus to this circular sculpture for a year-round statement, but thin pine branches or red berries would also look great. 


Marbling Paper Cones, Ferm Living ($6)

In Danish tradition, people cut and fold paper cornets and fill them with candy to hang on their trees. I’m down with any excuse for (partially) edible decor, particularly when the decor in question comes in a pretty marbled print.  

The Centerpiece

Avant Candelabra, Ferm Living ($88)

Eschew complex tablescapes and simply put this candelabra front and center at all your upcoming shindigs. The cream color certainly doesn’t have an expiration date, so you’ll get use out of this item for months to come. 

The Ornaments

Christmas Hand Painted Glass Ornaments, Ferm Living ($21)

It doesn’t get much chicer than hand-painted glass baubles. If you can’t fit a full tree in your apartment (guilty), pile them in a shallow bowl on your coffee table instead. My days of being terrible at holiday decor might just be behind me.

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