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2018 may have been coined “the year of the woman,” but a year later, feminist energy hasn’t slowed down. In fact, it may have amplified. If you’ve walked in the Women’s March, wore a Time’s Up pin, joined the resistance (or a women’s club like The Wing), you likely identify with this new wave of women’s empowerment.

But while your wardrobe may be filled with “The Future Is Female” T-shirts or “Nevertheless, She Voted” cashmere sweaters, there is one area of your life that likely remains untapped with feminist energy: your home. Artists and makers seem to have caught onto this in recent years, releasing eye-catching and vibrant items for the home infused with body positivity and feminist energy.

After all, why not announce loud and proud to anyone who visits you in your home that you’re a part of this inspiring movement? Celebrate International Women’s Day by investing in a beautiful piece of feminist decor. Some brands are even taking it a step further and donating proceeds to women’s charities.

Nevertheless, Handsome Girl ($75)

Give your home some feminist energy with this colorful print by artist Bridget Moore (better known as Handsome Girl). Your purchase will be put to good use, too, as ArtSugar will be donating proceeds from the sales to the National Organization for Women.

Suffragette City Tea Pot, Bella Freud X Gillian Wearing ($116)

Even tea time can be a women’s empowerment moment with this teapot developed by Bella Freud and artist Gillian Wearing in honor of suffrage activist Millicent Fawcett and the 100th anniversary of women securing voting rights in the UK.

Thursday’s Drawing Class Had Run Its Course Painting, Kelly Puissegur ($960)

Saatchi Art launched its own Women’s History Month campaign with Refuse to Be the Muse—a celebration of women in art. For the campaign, it’s commissioned two prints by artist Kelly Puissegur that depict a more equitable image of women in art.

Torso Bathmat, Cold Picnic ($60)

Celebrate women’s bodies and the body-positivity movement with this Insta sensation torso bathmat by Cold Picnic. This piece is part of a larger movement around female empowerment that’s gaining speed in the design world.

200 Women, Geoff Blackwell ($20)

Though they’re not strictly decor, coffee table books can make a social statement in your living room, all the while educating you (and your guests) on powerful women. 200 Women is a beautiful tome that showcases interviews with 200 women from a variety of backgrounds, from Jane Goodall to Roxanne Gay, and provide a snapshot of female life around the globe.

The Art of Feminism, Chronicle Books ($28)

Another great book to have on your coffee table: The Art of Feminism, released last October, which paints a portrait of women in art throughout history. Beautifully designed and illustrated, this is a true showpiece to display loudly and proudly.

Radical Feminist Coffee Mug, Look Human ($14)

Send a (not so subtle) message to your coworkers each morning with this Radical Feminist mug from Look Human. It’ll also serve as a daily reminder to listen to your inner feminist every day.

Embroidered Stationery Set, Lingua Franca ($45)

If traditional stationery doesn’t do it for you, opt for this Lingua Franca embroidered stationery set with phrases like “beat the system” and “I’ve got this.” The socially engaged luxury cashmere brand has partnered with various women’s organizations in the past like Time’s Up.

Kahlo, Taschen ($15)

A feminist icon, Frida Kahlo turned her misfortunes into revolutionary art. This beautifully illustrated coffee table book by Taschen portrays the Latin American artist and her rich body of work. This one deserves a prime spot on your coffee table.

Antipatico Otto Scented Candle, Fornasetti ($180)

Fornasetti’s entire body of work showcases the face of Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri. Though not as overtly feminist as some other pieces, the singer’s grimace is a tongue-in-cheek nod to feminist empowerment.

Big Uterus Energy Clock, Liz Plank ($30)

Remember Pete Davidson’s viral BDE? NYC-based artist Liz Plank came up with her own version—Big Uterus Energy—which she turned into a variety of home decor items through the online marketplace Redbubble.

Tarot Card XI: (Supreme Court) Justice Throw Pillow, Trisha Nieder ($21)

Illustrator and painter Trisha Nieder capitalized on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s moment in the spotlight as a feminist icon to create a beautiful tarot-inspired RBG print, which is made into pillows and a variety of items available through Society6.

Welcome to the Resisterhood Desk Plate, Bulletin ($24)

Let visitors know where they’ve landed when they approach your desk with this playful “Welcome to the Resisterhood” desk plate from Bulletin. One thing’s for sure, few will dare indulge in some “mansplaining” around your workspace.

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