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Somehow, it’s happened. We’ve spent a full year steeped in terrazzo and vibrant citron hues, and now 2018 is coming to a close and it’s time to look to the future. With 2019 just on the horizon, design companies of all ilks are releasing trend report after trend report, and one, in particular, has caught our attention. Etsy just released its predictions for the New Year, and as devotees of the unique goods available on the site, we’re all ears.

Due to the sheer number of independent artisans from around the world who use Etsy, the marketplace has become a real resource for understanding the direction of the design industry at a grassroots level. Etsy’s Trend Expert (and judge on NBC’s hit Making It) Dayna Isom Johnson has an ear to the ground for trends—and she’s highlighting the top ones, here.

The Color You’ll See Everywhere…

It looks like Sherwin-Williams was onto something: 2019 is all about burnt orange. “At Etsy, we’ve always had an affinity for orange, but now the rest of the world is catching on,” says Johnson.

The saturated earthy tone is luckily both timeless and easy to incorporate. Play up the natural qualities of the terra-cotta-inspired hue by using it in rustic ceramic accents or planters. And if you want a pop of color that won’t overwhelm your neutral palette, throw pillows sprinkled with burnt orange make for a great way to spice up your sofa or bed.

Natural Soy Candle, Etsy ($26)
Linen Pillow Cover, Etsy ($27)

The Dominant Style for 2019…

“The last few years have been dominated by clean lines and mid-century modern styles, but this year, it’s finally time for maximalism to have its moment,” says Johnson, advocating for a year full of prints, textures, and bold colors that embrace the eclectic.

Consider this your moment to get a bit experimental and step outside your comfort zone. Though if you’re not ready to go full Luke Edward Hall, don’t worry—there are easy ways to dip your toe into the statement-making trend. Try a retro art print, for example, or bring color to your walls via removable wallpaper. The beauty of removable wallpaper is that if, three months down the line, you have an identity crisis and realize you’re more of a minimalist after all, it’s totally risk-free.

“The Pool Room” by George Greaves, Etsy ($30)
Painted Palette Removable Wallpaper, Etsy ($25)

The New Way to Display Plants…

Good news for your greenery-killing tendencies: Dead plants are in. Herbariums are a lower lift than terrariums, usually comprised of pressed flowers or dried plants. “The best part about this tend is that you don’t need a green thumb—herbariums can adorn your home without ever withering away,” says Johnson. “These Japanese-inspired collections of flowers and herbs range from floating foliage to pressed posies and are the perfect solution to bringing the outdoors in without sacrificing those natural pops of color.”

Go traditional with a framed botanical assortment—or try a less literal take on herbariums with a pressed flower print.

Large Pressed Flower Hanging, Etsy ($36)
California Poppy Print Set, Etsy ($16)

The Unexpected Source of Inspiration…

If you’re feeling stuck on decor, look to the desert for inspo. “The American southwest is the inspiration for this emerging trend, and everything from bold prints, desert themes, fringe, and turquoise are on the rise,” says Johnson.

This particular style is enjoying a universal uptick across industries—it’s the reason we’re seeing cowboy boots everywhere—and it’s super easy to bring home. Choose earthy tones and rustic, desert-inspired motifs to bring a bit of the Southwest home in your textiles.

Mudcloth-Inspired Tea Towel, Etsy ($10)
Trans Pecos Quilt, Etsy ($350)

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