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We all have that one friend we go to for great recommendations. From the best-smelling candle to the next big furniture maker, they always know best. In 10 Things, we ask our favorite creatives to share the discoveries that make them happy so you can track down fantastic daily essentials, too.No one does terracotta quite like Eny Lee Parker. Since debuting her first furniture collection at Sight Unseen’s Offsite two years ago, the São Paulo–raised, Brooklyn-based designer’s work has fueled our obsession with all things ceramic. Her Instagram-famous Oo lamps are probably already in your saved folder, but she also makes covetable statement earrings, doughnut-shaped sconces, and mountainous tables, among other whimsical creations.

The artist’s no-rules-apply approach to design is something we aspire to in all facets of our lives. Seeing that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we asked Parker, fresh from debuting her knockout booth at ICFF, to share the 10 things she can’t live without.

The Huggable Armchair

Flemming Lassen lounge chair, Wright ($3,750)

“I love a good upholstered chair, especially when if feels like I’m being hugged by a teddy bear. The color of this Flemming Lassen one is amazing.”

The Timeless Glassware

Luigi Bormioli Sublime Wine Glasses (set of 4), Pottery Barn ($30)

“I really like this set. Wineglasses, to me, need to be seamless on the stem—no ridges. This collection does the trick.”

The Party Starter

Repasado, Tequila Clase Azul ($90)

“My tequila doesn’t have to be pricey, but this Mexican variety is 100 percent handmade, including the hand-painted ceramic bottle. This brand resonates with me. The story, the quality, the attention—everything is there.”

The Perfect Playlist

Emotionalism by the Avett Brothers, Kung Fu Store ($10)

Emotionalism by the Avett Brothers is the one album I can play all day and still love. I usually have this on when I’m working alone.”

The Best Denim

501 Original Cropped Jeans, Levi’s ($49)

“Jumpsuits and jeans are basically my uniform—they’re soft and comfortable. Levi’s 501s are classic.”

The No-Fail Slip-Ons

Checkerboard Slip-On, Vans ($50)

“Speaking of uniforms, these are my everyday go-to shoes. They are easy and comfortable. I can’t wear anything else to work in my studio.”

The Collector’s Item

Orange Blowing Stool 1 by Seungjin Yang, The Future Perfect ($3,125)

“My current obsession is Seungjin Yang’s Blowing chair collection. The concept, the process, and the character of the pieces are refreshing. I can see his work being used in design books and museums to represent our time.”

The Gallery Wall Game Changer

Points of Contact by Victor Pasmore Print, Art.com ($45)

“What I like the most about British architect Victor Pasmore is that his paintings and buildings are on opposite sides of the spectrum, yet he could still carry his artistic tone throughout all his works.”

The Essential Steak Knife

Tramontina Serrated Porterhouse Steak Knives, Amazon ($28)

“I grew up using these wood-handle knives in Brazil.”

The Everyday Earrings

Tres Gotas Earrings, Eny Lee Parker ($90)

“I fell down a rabbit hole looking at jewelry from the Byzantine, Greek, and Roman eras at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The details are fascinating. I’ve been wearing these lately, which we recently launched.”

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