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While we love an affordable find just as much as the next person, there’s something to be said for that dream ticket item that we lust after, save up for, and finally feel a sense of accomplishment to call our own. While there are endless expensive goodies out there, we took to our editors to find out which big ticket items they’ve saved up for, or are currently obsessing over. Ahead, you’ll find some ridiculously cool picks that might just inspire you to start saving up, too.

Kristin Limoges, Associate Lifestyle Editor

Muuto Compose Sofa, Anderssen & Voil for Muuto, $3,749

“I really could just move into this space right here. This Muuto Compose Sofa is my dream couch: sculptural yet comfortable. And that Kvadrat soft pink is what dreams are made of (I’ve actually had a dream of this exact couch before so I can say that.). You will be mine, oh yes, one day, couch, you will be mine.”

Jessica Romm-Perez, Editor-in-Chief

Cornufé 110, La Cornue, $10,500

“This was the stove I obsessed over and saved for when I renovated my apartment. It’s a total splurge, but it’s the centerpiece in my kitchen I love using it daily.”

Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director

Stacked Shelving System by Muuto, Design Within Reach, set of four for $766

“I want to install floor-to-ceiling shelves in my teeny tiny office/guest bedroom, and I really love the stacked shelving system JDS Architects designed for Muuto. The brackets add a fun pop of color, they can be easily customized, and I can continue to add to it or change it depending on my needs (I have a knack for changing my mind six months after I buy something).”


Nikhita Mahtani, Digital Editor

Large Mirage Vase, Orrefors Kostaboda, $525

“Obsessed with flowers and unique vases, and this one is gorgeous! Light reflects off the crystal to make it a rainbow mix of colors, and it makes me happy.”


Anna Kocharian, Digital Editor

Picasso Eye Mirror, LRNCE, $235.45

“I’ve long been in search of the perfect accent piece for the wall above my bed and this Picasso Eye mirror might just be the one.”


Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

The Floyd Platform Bed, Floyd, $489

“I purchased a

Floyd bed

frame, which was a definite investment for me, and I’m in love with it. I hesitated over pressing purchase for months, and am so happy I did. It’s made in the USA, was super easy to put together, and has created a totally cool vibe in my bedroom.”


Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor

Piazza Steel Grey Sofa, CB2, $1,499

“I’m pretty obsessed with this sofa that we have in the Domino office by CB2. It’s basically a bed with a backrest, which is not so great for productivity levels, but is the ultimate comfy zone to unwind. Having some real thoughts about buying one to call my own!”

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