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On the terrace of my new Manhattan apartment, I’m finally making my greenhouse dreams come true. If you follow my #NYGardenInTheSky hashtag, you know that growing a garden of fruits and vegetables among the city’s skyscrapers is something I’ve done before. Doing it year-round, however, is uncharted territory. I took an Internet deep dive into what I’ll need to transform my space into an all-weather urban oasis in shades of peach and terracotta—below are my top picks. First comes a contrasting aqua hose, and then, a few months later, the fraise de bois. 

Tapered Terracotta Planter, Terrain ($265)

Terracotta pots are my favorite vessels for plants because they naturally look good with everything.

Seminyak Black Planter, CB2 ($149)

A faux stone pot (it’s a sand, fiberglass, and cement blend) is lightweight enough to move around the terrace as the light changes with the seasons.

Walk-in Plant Greenhouse with Window and Door by Outsunny, Amazon ($550)

The combination of polycarbonate panels and a wind rating of 65 mph will create a safe home for my plants—and will help me grow veggies through the winter.

In my greenhouse, I’m creating a striped floor with Clé’s beloved zellige tiles. Plus terracotta is great for insulation. 

Pacifica Dining Table, Serena & Lily ($1,948 was $2,298)

I love how the woven finishing detail softens the hard angular lines.

Green Hose Reel by Yard Butler, Walmart ($80)

I’ve never needed a hose reel, so I guess this means I now have a legit garden.

Green Vinyl Garden Hose by Gilmour, Ace Hardware ($34)

Aqua adds a pop of color to my monochromatic green garden.

Helios Heated Chair, Galanter & Jones $(4,200)

I’m always cold, but this heated seat warms my entire body. Now I’m psyched to hang outdoors in the colder months.

Woven Garden Basket Set, Connected Goods ($89)

Shallow baskets with handles are my go-to for gathering what I grow.

Tablecloth by Issimo x Lisa Corti ($242)

Some of my favorite Italians collaborated on this tablecloth, so if I can’t be in Italy, at least my table can look like I am.

Red Leaf Deep Plate, John Derian ($135)

We eat every meal outdoors, from spring to fall. These plates help me imagine I’m setting a table at a French château.

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