Typically reserved for fruit bowls, cutting boards, and frequently used tools, countertops account for the most precious real estate in our kitchens. One thing that can easily earn a coveted spot on this surface is a chic-looking appliance, and Drew Barrymore is delivering on that front once again with her latest launch for Walmart. The actor and daytime talk-show host just released a collection of mixers as part of her Beautiful Kitchenware line in an on-trend cornflower blue colorway that’s equal parts soft and striking. Move your stainless steel toaster oven aside and start making room for these eye-catching pieces. 

For Countertop Eye Candy

Beautiful’s stand mixer rivals KitchenAid’s ever-popular version not only in power but in price at $129 (compared to $450). Its 12 different speed settings can tackle a variety of ingredients, and you can effortlessly add more as you go thanks to the tilt-head design. Plus the splash shield makes baking splatter-free, while dishwasher-safe accessories mean cleanup will be a cinch. And should you ever decide to move it off your counter, you won’t break a sweat (it’s half the weight of most other stand mixers). 

For Powerful Stirring

The small but mighty hand mixer boasts a 350-watt system and has a turbo function that breezes through heavy whipping creams and dense batters. Whether this little powerhouse lives on the counter or gets tucked inside a cabinet, a matching storage case keeps clutter at bay by housing all of its accessories in one place. 

For Chefs on the Move

With this four-piece immersion tool, you can blend, chop, and whisk your way through a range of recipes with one hand, while swiping to the next step in your cookbook with the other. The two- speed hand blender is also equipped with an extra-long, 5-foot cord so you can move around your workstation with ease. This splash of color is the ingredient your kitchen is missing.

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