By Rebekah Carey and Lindsay Cohn

Published on November 23, 2017

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Photography by SAY YES

When you hear the words “DIY holiday ornaments,” you probably think of the sequin-spackled wood blocks you brought home in grade school, or something super elaborate that only Martha Stewart could accomplish. However, there are tons of dazzling do-it-yourself ornaments you can actually pull off.

Whether you have a traditional spruce that could use a little razzle dazzle or a modern, all-white Christmas tree that needs some geometric accents, we have your holiday ornament inspiration locked down. Happy crafting!

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Fabric-Wrapped Ornaments

These ornaments are completely customizable. Start with cardboard ornaments from the craft store (in any size or shape), and glue on the fun, patterned fabric of your choice. This one really has endless possibilities, since you can use any type of fabric. Pro tip: Buying a pack of quilt squares would get you manageable fabric pieces in a ton of different patterns.

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Photography by SAY YES

Colorful Painted Wood Ornaments

These modern wood ornaments from Say Yes are seriously stylish, and we love how they can be painted any palette you want. Plus, they’re completely kid and pet-friendly.

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Photography by TATTLY

Temporary Tattoo Ornaments

These temporary tattoo ornaments from Tattly are so clever—all you need is your favorite pattern of temporary tats, a little modge-podge, and a clear (or colored) glass ornament, and you’re good to go. These would make beautiful gifts, too. 

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Photography by FOR THE MAKERS

Zodiac-Inspired Ornaments

Make these zodiac-inspired ornaments for your astrology junkie friend (or keep them for yourself). They’re another great clay ornament DIY that’s super simple to make, and really pretty too. 

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Scandinavian Ornaments

These are the LBD of holiday ornaments. Simple beads in neutral wood make this look work in any space. These could easily be painted, but in their natural state, they’re perfect for all you Scandinavian holiday lovers. 

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Concrete Ornaments

It’s hard to believe these gorgeous concrete ornaments are made with large plastic caps.

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Photography by MINIMALISSIMO

Simple Black and White Ornaments

These subtly splattered ornaments are a minimalist’s holiday dream. Minimalissimo shares this cool DIY that’s perfect for when you want to decorate for the holidays, but aren’t into the traditional green and red palette. 

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Mid-Century Ornaments

These mini starburst ornaments are perfect for mid-century enthusiasts. We can just imagine a tree full of these, interspersed with other glitzy ornaments (of course). 

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Photography by OLEANDER AND PALM

Marbled Clay Ornaments

Once you realize how easy it is to create this marbled look from clay, you’re going to want to make everything look like these pretty ornaments from Oleander and Palm. They can easily be made into any shape you want.  

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Photography by OH HAPPY DAY

Colorful Lightweight Ornaments

Oh Happy Day always has the best color-infused DIYs. These fun ornaments can be done in any color combo you like—not to mention the fact that they’re lightweight and kid-friendly.

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Photography by ERNEST HOME CO.

Ornament Trio

For the DIY adverse, this trio of ornaments from Ernest Home Co. requires minimal effort, but is still cute and custom.  

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Photography by NALLE’S HOUSE

Painted Wood Bead Ornaments

These would be a great option to make with your family, since they’re so fun and simple—kind of like modern jewelry for your tree.

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Photography by NALLE’S HOUSE

Paper Straws Turned Himmeli Ornaments

You know all of those paper party straws you have lying around? Now, you can repurpose them into these cool himmeli ornaments from Nalles House.

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Photography by THE WICKER HOUSE

Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments

We love these snowflake ornaments made from clothespins. If you’re into a more Scandinavian look, you could leave them their natural wood color. Another option? Choose white for a minimal result.

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Photography by HOMEY OH MY

Clay Wreath Ornaments

These ornaments from Homey Oh My show again how simple clay ornaments can be. The shapes are made with cookie cutters, which make them pretty foolproof.

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Photography by BASH STUDIO

Brushstroke Ornaments

Sometimes, a pop of color is all you need to liven up your tree, and you can even customize the palette. Go old-school Christmas with green, red, and blue, or ultra glam with a trio of metallics.

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Berry Ornaments

Merry berry! Bring the outdoors in by filling glass ornaments with richly-hued berries. Get creative with various sized orbs and a bounty of seasonal botanicals. Pro tip: This is a great way to add an organic element to a faux fir.

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Photography by SUGAR & CHARM

Marbled Ornaments

Lately, it seems like everything’s sporting a statement-making swirl—and now, you can add your tree to the list. All you need to create these colorful decorations is enamel paint, clear ornaments, and water.

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Photography by PAULSVERA

Typography Ornaments

These black and white typography ornaments remind us of those letter coffee mugs… only way more chic. Plus, peel-and-stick letters make assembling them a breeze—leaving you with plenty of time to get started on your holiday gift wrapping.

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Eye Ornaments

Keep bad juju away and make your tree sparkle with these evil eyes—they’re as pretty as they are protective. The best part? You don’t need to start from scratch; these playful peepers are painted on plain old ornaments.

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Photography by THE GLITTER IN MY TEA

Wall Mural Ornaments

Anyone who likes art will love these tributes to popular wall art from across the country. They’re such a clever way to turn travels into festive decor.

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Photography by A BUBBLY LIFE

Tattoo Best Friends Ornaments

Because no matter how far away you are, your BFF will always have a place in your heart—and now your tree, too. This is the perfect present for a bestie who lives far away. And, if she’s local, why not spend the afternoon DIY-ing it together?

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Photography by A KAILO CHIC LIFE

Gradient Ornaments

If you ask us, gradient makes everything better—including ornaments—and sunrise hues are so warm and joyful. So, while it might be cold and snowy outside, it’ll be merry and bright inside your abode.

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Unicorn Ornaments

Do you believe in magic? With their glitter manes and rose gold horns, these whimsical unicorns are sure to cast a spell on even the Scrooge-iest among us.

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Gold Leaf Ornaments

The teal and turquoise hues in this golden ornament feel festive without being too expected.

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