Squeezing a whole home office into a tiny corner sounds nearly impossible, but trust us, it can be done. The secret? A few clever tricks of the trade (go vertical, use color to define your spot) and, most important, a desk that fits within the parameters of your WFH space. (Think: slim profile, wheels, and built-in storage.)  The right one can instantly turn a dusty, overlooked spot into a stylish, functional work nook. You might even find yourself wanting to spend time there when you’re OOO. 

We found seven options that are design-forward and practical, because limited square footage shouldn’t get in your way of carving out the ultimate home workstation. Read on for our edit of the best desks for small spaces.

If You Want to Take a Stand

Knotten Standing Desk, Ikea ($159)

The ultimate “information hub of the home” has arrived. This standing desk has multiple drawers and shelves, hooks for hanging bags and keys, a charging station, and, above all else, can squeeze into the tightest of spaces. What else could you ask for?

If You Want to Blend In

Peekaboo Acrylic Desk, CB2 ($1099)

Lucite is the best material for compact quarters–it doesn’t take up any visual space while still providing the surface area you need to check off your to do list. Best of both worlds.  

If You’re Lacking Floorspace

Svalnäs Desk, Ikea ($101)

A wall-mounted desk that clears up valuable floor space is an ideal alternative for the square footage–deprived. Add built-in storage up top and you have a real winner.

If You Consider Yourself a Minimalist 

Kaira Desk, West Elm ($549)

This simple desk screams Scandi-chic with its A-frame silhouette and hutch perfect for organizing your workspace so you can actually fit your laptop on the surface.

If You’re Looking for the Whole Package

Mantis Desk, Case Furniture ($1325)

With a slew of attachable accessories such as a drawer, file holder, and even a privacy screen, this multidimensional desk also comes with a removable plate that conceals an internal storage tray.

If You Want a Desk That Can Do Both

Förnyad Table, Ikea ($129)

We can all agree there’s nothing better than a two-for-one deal and this IKEA piece is exactly that. Easily transformable from a desk to a dining table, it does both jobs while taking up the space of one. Not to mention that crush-worthy pop of color.

If You’d Rather Not Be Weighed Down

Retro Desk, Target ($86)

Designed for small spaces, versatility is Target’s Retro Desk’s middle name. It’s super lightweight, takes up barely any floor space, and is easily stored away, but trust us, it’s so cute you won’t want to. 

If You Need a Desk and Bookshelf All in One

Stairway Desk, CB2 ($399)

Mount this sturdy desk against a wall and you’ll never even know it’s there. The shelves reach a CB2 record height of over eight feet, and the clean white finish makes for a modern feel. This desk is also really narrow (20 inches), so you never have to worry about having enough space for it, but it makes clever use of wall space for you to store your favorite books and stationery.

If Clutter Is Your Vice

Index Table, Nomess

With a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it perforated storage panel that doubles as a charging station, this metal desk allows for a work zone free of tangled cords and stacks of papers, so you can get the ideas flowing.

If you’re always on the go

Rolling Counter Desk, CB2 ($179)

Talk about a multipurpose item: First off, this sleek white option will go with literally any decor. And because of its easy-to-move wheels, you can cart it around your home and use it in a multitude of ways in many different rooms—as a standing desk in your bedroom, as an island in your kitchen, or even as a bar cart in your living room. The possibilities are truly endless.

If Red is Your Color

Cant Desk, Blu Dot ($699)

The ironically named “Can’t Desk” is sleek and sturdy, proving that it actually can. Anything is possible when your work area looks this good. 

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