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At once gothic, baroque, and sometimes a bit colonial, taper candles have flickered in and out of style. Their long, thin stature can make them a bit intimidating to style, and their traditional placement on the dining room table has given them an unfair reputation as stodgy and even overly conservative decor. But that’s all changing: With plenty of new, modern candlestick designs available and a push to place tapers anywhere but the dining room, these decorative items have officially been revived.

With such a long history behind them, taper candles can still, understandably, be tricky to style, but the right placement and the right candleholder can make a world of difference. Want to try out the old-meets-new trend for yourself? Follow this advice.

Make a Maximalist Mantle

courtesy of CB2

Paired with rich jewel tones and similarly tropical decor, these palm tree candlesticks deliver the perfect combination of contemporary boho and Hollywood Regency styles.

When set against a gallery wall, this mantel requires minimal accessorization: A few white taper candles, set in matte black candlesticks, add some dimension to the space.

photograph by Aaron Bengochea

A cluster of pale pink and yellow taper candles offer a bit of romance, especially when arranged in a mismatched collection of brass holders.

Sure, it may not sit atop a mantel, but a collection of art and props makes for a dramatic vignette, especially when the focal piece by ceramicist Erica Prince is completed with two red tapers.

Elevate Your Coffee Table

Skip the jar candle and opt for tapers to add height to a low coffee table. Paired with just a bit of arranged clutter (some pretty books, a mug), they’ll strike a balance between whimsical and elevated.

In a room filled with rich pinks and purples, matching taper candles tie it all together. Sculptural candle holders bring a bit of extra detailing to the tabletop.

This wide, low coffee table is styled to perfection with a collection of art books and a fresh floral arrangement, but three yellow taper candles placed opposite of the fireplace add an artful finishing touch.

Add a Simple Standout Piece

Top a tiny kitchen table with a single, bold candle, and no other decor will be necessary.

Two brass-sheathed tapers transform a small end table into a serious statement.

Get the Look:

Palm Tree Gold Taper Candle Holder, CB2 ($50)

Bring in a tropical element with a palm tree base.

Cursive Candlestick, Anthropologie (US) ($32)

Toy with a bit of surrealism with a curved golden two-candle holder.

Uni Candlestick, Terracotta ($38)

Bridge the gap between brutalism and boho with an unglazed terra-cotta candlestick.

Fort Standard Brass Candlesticks, Spartan Shop ($110)

A collection of multileveled candlesticks is easy to cluster on a coffee table or credenza.

Stacked Geo Taper Holder, Anthropologie (US) ($48)

With a mix of marble and brass accents, this geometric holder feels definitively contemporary.

Brass Candleholder, Coming Soon ($210)

Let your candles get all the glory with small top-like holders that bring in just a bit of grounding elegance.

Snowball Saguaro, Erica Prince ($475)

Go avant-garde with a one-of-a-kind sculptural piece that can double as a vase or an accent piece on its own.

Harlan Taper Candle + Incense Holder, Urban Outfitters ($16)

These candle holders (which can also hold incense) have an eclectic look, but thanks to their natural wood finish, they can easily translate between styles that range from modern farmhouse to boho.

Round Metal Candlestick, Zara Home ($13)

An ultra-simple rounded candle holder is a must for any minimalist looking to get into this trend.

Ivory Square Dripless Candle, Hello Holiday ($30)

When paired with square bases, these dripless rectangular taper candles make a bold statement.

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