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These two sayings, though seemingly contradictory, can be equally true: It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and first impressions matter. When it comes to holiday gifts, the wrapping isn’t as important as the gift (and it’s the thought, above all, that counts the most), but it can make a present feel special. That’s why this year, we’re elevating our gift list with the help of some pretty present-wrapping ideas.

You don’t have to be a DIY master to wrap a present beautifully, nor do you have to opt for gift bags instead. These eight examples will help you to upgrade the things you’ll stash under the tree.

Crafty Kraft Paper

Never underestimate the rustic refinement of plain brown wrapping paper. Buy a roll of recycled brown kraft paper, and you can elevate it as you wish with ribbons, fabric scraps, or even some doodles—plus, it will make gifts look great all year.

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A Beadwork Bow

Skip the plastic bows and ribbons for an understated, reusable option. Loops a few wooden beads onto a thick white cord that you can simply tie in a bow around a gift. After the present is unwrapped, it can even make for a sweet DIY necklace.

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A Paper-Free Present

Who says you even need wrapping paper to wrap a present? A scrap of linen fabric has a lovely farmhouse vibe and is also totally reusable. Get extra festive by adding some seasonal greenery on top.

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A Dark Blue Mood

A simple, dark-colored wrapping paper feels unexpected amid a sea of seasonally patterned options, but that’s exactly what makes it so special. Pair it with thin velvet ribbon to finish the understated look.

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The Pom-Pom Present

Get out your hot-glue gun—this pom-covered gift may look complicated to craft, but it’s one of the simplest ideas you can try. Have fun with colors and patterns to give your package a whimsical, bohemian vibe.

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The Simplistic Snow Style

The combination of snowflake cutouts and silver cord gives plain brown kraft paper a fancier appeal. Feel free to get creative with craft store finds and found bits of nature like pinecones and tree branches.

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The Stationer’s Delight


Play up your patterned wrapping paper with matching pencils for a couldn’t-be-easier DIY. The back-to-school appeal will inspire plenty of nostalgia.

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The All-Natural Wrap


Dried lemon slices: an unexpectedly festive decoration. Buy a bag and you can string them on garlands, affix them to presents, and even use them in a holiday centerpiece.

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