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Back-to-school shopping isn’t just about stocking up on gel pens and binders. As any parent knows, organization starts in your kid’s bedroom—the place where homework meets play. And this year, with many little ones heading back to school IRL for the first time in a long time (or for the first time ever), staying on top of rogue toys, math books, and art projects is extra-important. Fortunately, Crate & Kids’s new fall line, available to shop now, makes keeping everything in order easy. From two-in-one furniture featuring sneaky hiding spots to desks that grow with your kiddo, here are our top six picks from the fresh assortment. 



The Tricked-Out Storage Bed

Malcolm Wood Storage Bed with Shelves, Crate&kids ($1,000)

Forget under-the-bed bins that collect dust: This oakwood piece has everything built right into it. The headboard doubles as a mini library and display for their favorite treasures and toys, while spare linens can be folded up and stowed in the drawer at the foot of the bed. 

The Burgeoning Artist’s Accessory

Rue Paper Roll Holder, Crate&kids ($40)

Designed to be added onto the Rue wood kids table (an adjustable work surface that comes with different leg sizes), this paper roll holder lets their imagination flow—no more pausing to search for a blank canvas. 

The Common Ground Cover

Warm Colored Grid Washable Wool Rug, Crate&kids ($300)

Cover their floor with a rug that serves everyone. This one is made out of 100 percent wool, providing a cozy surface for walking (or crawling), but it’s also machine washable, meaning fast and stress-free cleaning for you the next time that cup of juice accidentally tips over

The Forever Dresser

Maren Olive Cane Dresser, Crate&kids ($1,100)

A dresser that’s stylish enough to last them through their tween years but practical enough for their preschool stage is worth the investment. This option has six roomy drawers that can tuck away anything from bulky sweatshirts to neatly folded onesies. And while the pulls look delicate against the cane fronts, they’re actually iron and capable of withstanding all those outfit changes.

The Tetris-Like Bins

Large Brick Metal Stacking Storage Bin, Crate&kids ($50)

These ultra-durable galvanized metal containers can take a beating without showing it (their powder-coated finish is easy to wipe down), but more important, they stack, making them ideal for tight quarters with limited floor space. 

The Spin on the Sputnik Light

Quinn Metal & Wood Ceiling Light, Crate&kids ($300)

This white steel and wood pendant light’s conical base and floating globes keep the mood in their small space light and airy. There’s also a good chance it will inspire a solar system diorama or two. Class is (almost) in session!

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