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There they sit mocking you—a messy necessity of modern life. Electronic cords have run amok in our lives for far too long. I say our homes are ripe for a cord-free reinvention. What do we want? Cords to be hidden! When do we want it? Now would be great, thank you!

All right, real talk: Are cords the most annoying thing about a room, perhaps even the first thing you notice when walking into a space? No. But are they bothersome nonetheless, especially when they pile up in areas? Heck yes. It doesn’t have to be that way; there are a plethora of cord organization (some retailers even call them “managers,” which feels very nice and in control) tools on the market to help you corral pesky chargers or even hide them entirely.

From a cable box to a phone charger, here are six options that will make sure your cords are neither seen nor heard. For Your Mounted TV

Cord Cover, Ikea ($7)

Perhaps you’ve got your TV mounted on the wall all in the name of binge-watching Netflix. Arguably it’s the sleekest way to display your TV, yet in that seamless method, you’ll have cables hanging loose. Discreetly hide away those cords behind a cord cover slip. You can even cut it to your ideal length and paint or wallpaper over it.

For Corralling Miscellaneous Cords in the Open

Hook and Loop Cable Ties, The Container Store ($5)

From phones to miscellaneous electronics to computers, cords are jumbled in nearly every drawer and on tabletops and outlet-adjacent floor areas. Grab a handy color-blocked Velcro cable tie in a rainbow of bold hues that will make any color fan’s heart sing—and bring order to those chaotic cord-ridden areas.

If Your Computer Cord Keeps Slipping Away

Cable Catches, Poppin ($9)

When charging your laptop, if your plight includes searching for that pesky computer cord slung across the floor, there’s a simple solution: Reach for a cable catch, like this slim version from Poppin, which holds your cord in place whether you’re using it or not.

If You Want Them to Stick Together

Cable Twisters, The Container Store ($10)

If your approach to electric cords is “the more the merrier,” then let them hang out in groups, thanks to these cute little cable ties. Stick a handful of cords together in this ingenious twist to conquer desk clutter once and for all.

For the Kiddos (or the Kids at Heart)

Cable Bite, Urban Outfitters ($6)

Not only are phone cords naturally unsightly but they also get easily broken from the constant plugging and unplugging. A cheeky plug like this will help curb unnecessary damage by reinforcing where the cord connects to the phone, all the while doing so charmingly. Select your favorite animal from the array of 20 options and you’ll be able to grab your cord quicker and more safely.

If You Don’t Want to See a Single Cord

Cable Box, West Elm ($35)

Never want to lay eyes upon a single cord again? Then get yourself a cable box, which will gather any and all cords into one handy spot. It basically acts as an enclosed extension cord. Not only does this box effectively accomplish its job, it does so in Japanese-minimalist fashion.

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