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Listen up: When you think of a table—the kind you’d find in a dining room or kitchen—more likely than not, the structure you imagine is probably composed of a tabletop (circular, oval, square, or rectangular) and four legs. I am here to tell you that the best and coolest dining tables look way different.

Well, maybe they’re not so different, but they do have a factor that sets them apart from the crowd. The most covetable tables we’ve spotted lately all have one thing in common: They have fewer than four legs.

Let’s consider the functional benefit of a table with fewer than four legs: You’re less likely to knock into one when you slide your chair in. Speaking of chairs, you can fit more around a table with fewer beams holding it upright. Then comes the design factor. Whether you opt for a table with a single architectural column or an understated rectangular dining table with two wide legs supporting it, these divergences from the norm can make a major impact.

Not convinced? We’ll let these tables do the talking for us.

If you’re a minimalist at heart

Bordo Dining Table, CB2 ($1,499)

Want to keep things simple? A white concrete table looks perfectly fresh and contemporary. This one will look great in your home for years, even if your style shifts.

If you’d like a subtle taste of the tropics

Colony Dining Table, Miniforms ($3,965)

It’s no secret that we’re currently obsessed with all things cane, and that includes this standout table, which is great for when company comes over. Consider this the perfect piece for your banana leaf–wallpapered room.

If you’re a kid at heart

Container Dining Table, Moooi ($3,065)

There’s something about this table by Moooi that feels a bit evocative of a mushroom from Super Mario Party, no? This piece is perfect for minimalists, but don’t underestimate its versatility—just imagine how cool it would look with accent color chairs.

If you’re one for drama

Cypher Black Marble Dining Table, CB2 ($1,899)

With a marble countertop and a brass-hued, ribbed base, this dining table certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. If you want to go bold in a teeny dining room, here’s your pick.

If you’re keen on reflection

Granite and Stainless Steel Round Dining Table, Coming Soon ($3,200)

For lovers of all things chrome, this genuine 1980s table is an absolute dream. Its granite countertop makes for a practical surface with style. Consider pairing it with velvet chairs to make it even more glamorous.

If you like tradition with a twist

Anton Solid Wood Dining Table, West Elm ($999)

Go for a contemporary farmhouse vibe with a super-sleek wooden option. The thing that keeps this West Elm option looking modern is its two panel-style legs. Get crafty and mix and match a few antique chairs with it for an even more rustic feel.

If you’re feeling a bit Hellenistic

Hera Round Dining Table, West Elm ($599)

The central column of this table lends classic charm to any interior. Might we suggest switching up your period references by pairing it with mid-century chairs?

If you’re dreaming of your future Provencial home

Hub Dining Table, The Future Perfect ($13,250)

This three-legged option is the perfect contemporary take on a simple French table. Made by Christophe Delcourt for Collection Particulière, the Hub table balances modern sophistication with rustic appeal.

If you’re big on family dinner

Norco Dining Table, Apt 2B ($1,348)

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a long, dramatic table when you frequently host friends or serve your big family. Opt for benches instead of chairs for the long sides of this piece—you’ll be able to seat way more people.

If you like flexibility

Revolve 48″ Round Adjustable Height Dining Table, Crate and Barrel ($1,199)

Whether you have little ones at home, find yourself frequently baking, or simply have some chairs that don’t seem to fit with your current setup, a table with adjustable height is the answer. The simple wood structure of this option gives it a timeless appeal.

If you’re a fan of anything “sculptural”

Sonali Dining Table, Anthropologie ($1,598)

There’s something about this Anthropologie table that’s very pleasing. Is it because it seems as though the table could precariously tip over at any moment? Maybe! Pair this piece with patterned chairs for a whimsical vibe.

If you want a table that doubles as a work of art

Twist Table, The Future Perfect ($24,840)

Yes, this piece by Floris Wubben is dramatic, but sometimes you need to go big on the things that go in your home. Because of its inventive manufacturing process (which involves both an originally devised machine and artisan labor), each table is unique. Surround it with simple stools to let this table properly stand out.

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