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In the ’60s, bubblegum pink and avocado green bathrooms were a common occurrence. In the 1970s, it wasn’t unusual to match your colorful tile to your shag carpeting. In the ’80s, dusty pastels and chintz probably covered your bathroom walls. Come to think of it, it’s no surprise that after decades of crazy trends, we changed tracks to all-white everything. Subway tile entered our world as a renovation staple, double vanities became the norm, and spa-like vibes ruled supreme across America, but the one thing missing was color…until now.

Sure, subway tile has its place in a contractor’s arsenal, but with so many beautiful tiles in the world, why settle for the one everyone else already has? Why opt for bland when you can infuse your space with vibrant greens, flattering pinks, or cheery yellows? We’re here to make the case for colorful bathroom tile, and we’ve brought along 40 exhibits for proof. Whether you’re in the mood for a sorbet stripe or an azurean wave, we bet you’ll have a hard time picking just one.

Go Green

Green might not be the first color you think of when considering tile for your bathroom, but just imagine how well it would pair with your growing collection of plants. Create a little tropical forest at home with these bold tiles, which will perfectly complement your monstera or bird-of-paradise. Whether you prefer an encaustic pattern, houndstooth, or a bold marble mosaic, one thing is for sure: Your neighbors will be green with envy.

Feel Blue

If you’d rather be on the Mediterranean at all times, consider covering your space in azurean colors. Blue and white don’t have to skew nautical, but wavy patterns, rainbows, and geometric mosaics will all make a compelling case for a sky-hued bath. It will be like a mini vacation every time you enter the room.

Think Pink

Everyone looks beautiful in a pink room. And if the bathroom is the place where you often get ready, why not make it as flattering a space as possible. Even better, play with 2019’s most popular color combination to create an enticing monochrome environment. Whether your vibe is butterfly pink, antique terracotta, or fire-truck red, you’ll feel your best in a pink-hued room.

Mellow Yellow

How would you feel if the bathroom you stepped into every morning offered a daily dose of sunshine? Such is the power of yellow. Whether you choose to go for bold marigold zellige tiles, wavy patterns, or subtle canary stripes is up to you, but we bet you’ll feel energized and cheery when you start your day in a bright and happy space.

Go All Out

Can’t quite narrow it down to one color? Why not go for the full rainbow effect? Multicolored tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from polka dots and stripes to mosaics and geometrics. Make your own marbleized tile, pick an elegant antique pattern, or opt for a vibrant marble mosaic to give your bathroom a healthy dose of personality. We guarantee you’ll never be bored when walking into your space.

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