Like many of us in the lead-up to Christmas, Chrissy Teigen spent her weekend baking. All the usual suspects were present: nonstick baking sheets, a sleek set of measuring cups, and…cookie cutters shaped exactly like her dog, Pippa. Did you really think the woman who once made her Frenchies the star of a Target collection would be making treats shaped like simple trees? 

Her winning formula for these festive goodies is refreshingly easy (not to mention, toddler-friendly): premade dough, those cookie cutters, and some sprinkles or icing. “[It’s the] easiest way when you have a two-minute attention span (me and the kids),” she wrote on Instagram. She went with chocolate chip and classic sugar, proving that even the most tried-and-true recipes can still be unexpected—all you need is a novelty shape. 

We might not all be able to find tools in the exact silhouettes of our beloved pets, but that doesn’t mean our options are limited. Whether you want to Gucci-fy your holiday celebration with some bee-shaped sweets frosted to the nines or plan to give your zodiac-worshipping friend an astrology-themed cookie tin, we have a few ideas:

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