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We all know supermodel Chrissy Teigen is outspoken, hilarious, and gorgeous. She also famously loves food, but her cookbook, Cravings, proves she’s got the skills to back it up. The best seller is full of recipes she’s made with her mom, along with her husband’s favorites, plus some wild card items too. But don’t take our word for it — just look at what Teigen fans are cooking up on Instagram. 

jok moo (thai pork and rice porridge) 

Feel adventurous in the morning? Take after Amaris Robinson, skip the oatmeal, and jump into this Thai rice porridge.

See the image via @a.d.robinson

chipotle-honey chicken with mango-avocado salsa

Mmmm, something tells us this is 100 times better than Shake ‘N Bake.

See the image via @benanddana 

garlic soy grilled shrimp

Not only are these soy shrimps pretty in pink, but they come with an amazingly delicious hot sauce. This Instagrammer nails it with a beautiful spread to match.

See the image via @celine_gabrielle

zucchini fries

Another impressive appetizer. @daylilydiaries nails it with the yummy-looking dipping sauce.

See the image via @daylilydiaries

creamy parmesan skillet eggs

Shake up a classic breakfast with this creamy and salty take on eggs.

See the image via @eating30a

john’s fried chicken wings with spicy honey butter 

Yup, we now have access to John Legend’s wings. Forked Up Jersey makes us want alllll of… them.

See the image via @forkedupjersey 

roasted tomato-basil soup

Need something to accompany Teigen’s “Delushious” grilled cheese? Whip up this beautiful tomato soup.

See the image via @happiestself

veggie tortilla stew

What makes this stew look so appetizing? The thick tortilla strips are currently competing with the colorful veggies.

See the image via @heltre

mexican street corn 

Learn how to make this restaurant and food truck fave all on your own. These elotes made by @hooraymel look extra festive.

See the image via @hooraymel

dutch baby pancake

Jenn L made Teigen’s Dutch Baby Pancake totally her own by topping it with lots of beautiful fruit and ice cream. What time is brunch?

See the image via @jayenn

vietnamese summer rolls

These rolls are just the thing for a fresh, packable lunch during warmer months.

See the image via @kimchee82

hasselbeck potatoes

Need a new way to cook potatoes? Hasselbecks by Sana have us convinced.

See the image via @lettersfromsana

sweet potato gnocchi 

Bookmark this gnocchi recipe for the first crisp day of the fall. Perfection in a bowl.

See the image via @msemerosullivan

cheesy jalapeño tuna casserole with potato chip topping

Need some crunch? Enlist a bag of chips to do the trick. This indulgent dish looks too good to be true.

See the image via @myfriendscallmemo

chinese chicken salad with crispy wonton skins

This salad looks like everything you’d want in a lunch: protein, crispiness, and plenty of crunch!

See the image via @mysweetestlittlethings

skillet charred fish tacos

The confetti-like vegetables on top of these tacos make this dish look like a party on a plate.

See the image via @nataliezeimer

spicy sesame noodles with chicken 

Instagrammer Sam Adriano makes this look like the perfect comfort meal on a rainy night in.

See the image via @sam__adriano

lemony arugula spaghetti cacio e pepe

Cheese and lemon are the perfect pair. @sun_ski tops hers with crispy pancetta. We’ll be trying that soon. Very soon.

See the image via @sun_ski

thai basil chicken

Put the Seamless down and make your own Thai basil dish! This pic makes it look doable, don’t ya think?

See the image via @tinytealover

chicken lettuce wraps

These wraps look like an amazing way to cut back on your carbs.

See the image via @victoriaekuntz

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