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If you had an entire day to spend at IKEA, chances are you could furnish every room on a budget with enviable results. IKEA has mastered the balance between practicality and aesthetics in interior design, and that equilibrium has made it a de facto destination for everything from kitchen cabinetry and countertops to bed frames and linens.

IKEA’s most recognizable products (like the Pax bookcase and the Malm dresser) have graced many of our first apartments. But even if we’ve graduated to higher-end furniture, the Swedish retailer remains a treasure trove of affordable home essentials that make life so much easier, especially in the kitchen. So the next time you brave IKEA’s famous maze on a hunt for low-cost furnishings, bring this list with you. We collected the 13 unsung heroes of cheap IKEA home essentials that’ll save time, promote organizing, and showcase style in the kitchen. Once your own space is stocked with these items, you’ll see why they’re so important.

If you’re a farmers market regular…

Mesh Bag Set, Ikea ($5)

These classic mesh bags aren’t just chic, but they’re also good for the environment. Use one for groceries and the other for whatever you please—they’re versatile enough for anything.

If finger foods are your favorite…

Napkin Holder, Ikea ($2)

This napkin holder is sure to come in handy during everyday meals or casual dinner parties. Given its lavender coloring and playful shape, you won’t mind having it around either.

If you’re constantly reaching for the higher shelves…

Step Stool, Ikea ($20)

A step stool is one of those items that only seems to come to mind when you’re desperately trying to grab something perched on a high shelf. Save yourself the aggravation and think ahead by getting your hands on this birch stool now.

If you follow recipes to a T…

Tablet Stand, Ikea ($10)

This sleek tablet stand with a bamboo veneer can keep gadgets and cookbooks away from the messes of cooking while making it easy to follow a recipe. In fact, having one might inspire you to whip up meals more often.

If you can’t stand disorganized countertops…

Plate Holder, Ikea ($3)

Budget-friendly kitchenware is a staple at IKEA, but kitchen organization might not be as well-known. If that’s the case for you, then don’t forget about this plate holder. It’ll keep your dinnerware neatly stacked while drying or organize a set of cutting boards.

If you’re a frequent cocktail hour host…

Coaster Set, Ikea ($2)

These cork coasters will protect surfaces from unsightly watermarks and can easily be wiped clean.  

If you want to show off your dining table…

Table Runner, Ikea ($8)

Use this fun table runner as a way to protect your table’s surface and add texture to your weekday dinners.

If you love sizzling steaks…

Apron, Ikea ($13)

Aprons aren’t only for the chefs you see on television or relatives handling food on Thanksgiving. When you think that a particular recipe is going to be messy, an apron will keep your clothes clean. It’s one less thing to worry about.

If your kitchen needs a pop of color…

Rug, Ikea ($10)

Bring some color and function to the floor beneath your kitchen sink with this bright rug. Although it’s intended for outdoor use, its water-resistant surface makes it ideal for doing the dishes.

If you take your coffee to go…

Vacuum Flask, Ikea ($5)

Keep this minimalist mint flask in mind for your leisurely morning coffees since it keeps hot liquids warm long after it’s been filled. If cold beverages are more your thing, then this flask will chill them too.

If your pantry is more organized than Khloé Kardashian’s…

Jar, Ikea ($4)

It’ll be easy to see what’s inside your pantry when dry items are stored away in these clear jars. As we all know, nothing makes life easier than realizing you don’t actually have to go to the store.

If you’re a seasoned baker…

Oven Mitt, Ikea ($5)

Easily grab onto hot pans and dishes with this sleek oven mitt, which guards your hands against excessive heat. It’s made of a dishwasher-safe material, so you can throw it in whenever necessary too.

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