Published on October 22, 2018

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Courtesy of Ikea

We can always count on Ikea to deliver on sleek Scandinavian-inspired furnishings at an affordable price point. While most of us may look to the Swedish retailer for the bigger ticket items, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of household essentials and tools for the kitchen Ikea offers as well. From pastry cutters to freezer bags, and everything else in between, read on to discover the surprising items we’re picking up at Ikea.

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KUNGSFORS, $4.99 | Photography by Ikea

The ever so ubiquitous net bag has been a French-girl-approved staple for years and even more so of a popular accessory as of late. Ikea’s version comes at a fraction of the price and it can function as an accent piece just the same as a functional addition to your pantry.

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VINTER 2018, $19.99 | Photography by Ikea

The avid cook would know: a mortar is an integral component of many a culinary endeavor. Ikea’s rendition of the classic comes in an oh so trendy green marble finish—and considering the low price tag, it would be an actual shame to miss out on this one.

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LUSTIGT, $12.99 | Photography by Ikea

When was the last time you saw jump rope as chic as this? This LED version—part of a limited edition collection that focuses on sparking creativity and imagination—utilizes the energy spent when jumping, resulting in a vibrantly illuminated light display.

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FÖREMÅL, $24.99 | Photography by Ikea

File this one under one seriously creative take on a planter. While there’s nothing surprising about Ikea carrying a plant pot, the unique nature of this versatile piece sets it apart from the rest, to say the least. And just how exactly is it versatile, you may ask? The retailer suggests using it as an ice bucket, if allowing it to double as a vase just doesn’t do it for you.

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CÖVERST, $9.99 | Courtesy of Ikea
We love this reusable stainless steel coffee filter because it not only fits on a typical mug, but can be utilized atop everything from carafes to flasks, and everything else in between.
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LÖRBY, $12.99 | Photography by Ikea

This inconspicuous USB charger will not only impart your desk with a bright pop of color but it can also charge up to three separate devices—plus, it can be easily fastened to just about any tabletop surface.

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PÅTÅR, $5.99| Photography by IKEA
Sure, it may not quite stand up to your neighborhood spot’s cup of joe but, it’ll surely do the trick. This well-balanced medium blend features fruity undertones and comes from organic and sustained farming methods.
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SMAKSAM, $5.99| Photography by IKEA
Pastry and cake decorating sets can often run up the tab so this affordable version is ideal for those who partake in the practice simply seasonally. At best.
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VINTER 18, $4.99 | Photography by Ikea

This pastry cutter set features an assorted mix of shapes indicative of all your classic holiday motifs, providing the perfect excuse for freshly-baked cookies on a cold winter’s night.

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ISTAD, $2.99 | Photography by IKEA

Ikea’s plastic bags are a tried-and-true essential that can actually stand up to regular wear and tear. Skip the name brand at the grocery store and stock up on these colorfully detailed baggies instead!

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KYLVÄSKA TÅRTA, $2.99 | Photography by IKEA

Transporting goodies from place to place? Ensure your delectable sweets and holiday treats arrive in tip-top shape, courtesy of this unbelievably budget-friendly cool bag.

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SVARTSJÖN, $3.99| Photography by IKEA

A stylishly color-blocked toilet paper holder is not the easiest to come by. One that rings in at under $5? Even less so. Talk about an easy upgrade.

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RÄLLEN, $12.99| Photography by IKEA

This wireless charging pad belongs in your home study. Not only can it function with up to two devices but it provides a blissfully cord-free charging port, which we can all use in our lives.

This story was originally published on November 2017, it has been updated with new information. 

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