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Welcome to the first week of January, where it’s impossible for anyone to successfully make it through an Instagram scroll without stumbling across a #NewYearsResolution. Honestly, we’re not mad about it. Of course, there are the simplistic, surface ones, like taking the plunge on that haircut you’ve always been secretly dying to try, but there are also resolutions that focus on real change. Celebrities and inspiring women like Reese Witherspoon and Elaine Welteroth are pledging to take a deep dive into improving their overall health, both physically and mentally, and we are here for it.

Take a look at some applause-worthy self-improvement resolutions from the likes of Emma Roberts, Shay Mitchell, and Sophia Roe below.

Julie Sariñana

It is easy to get in the routine of work, eat, sleep (kind of), and repeat. Influencer Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules pledges to “be more silly” in 2019. That’s something we can all get behind, right?

Elaine Welteroth

Date nights don’t have to be at a restaurant. A quiet night at home that ends with turning your living room into a personal dance floor might just be what the doctor ordered. Our cover gal, former editor in chief of Teen Vogue, and current journalist Elaine is gunning for “more meals at home with [her significant other].”

Emma Roberts

We totally understand why the actress is putting her culinary ambitions of “trying to cook more” at the forefront for 2019: Cooking more provides so many benefits. From a wellness standpoint, you are able to select exactly what ingredients are going into your body. It also helps you save money. Score.

Blair Eadie

This blogger (and source of our daily color inspo)is known for her eye-catching ensembles, and it looks like she’s going to continue to embrace confidence in the new year. “Here is to hoping I continue to turn heads in ridiculous outfits in 2019,” quips Eadie in a post where she’s decked out in head-to-toe sequins. Here’s to a year of not being afraid of self-expression.

Luke Abrahams

The Evening Standard’s social media editor has opted for more short-term January goals. He announced his goal of doing Vegan January (#veganuary) and going “five days smoke-free,” which are awesome because they are highly personal.

Reese Witherspoon

Anyone else get caught off-guard when asked what their resolution is, and completely make something up on the spot? This coveted actress is doing what we all should—taking the entire month of January “to think of all the new promises I want to make to myself.” We’re all for being more intentional in 2019.  

Michelle Lee

The editor in chief of Allure is going for the age-old classic, dry January. “I’ve grown way too accustomed to my glass of wine with dinner and my margarita on vacay, so this month is officially devoted to water, lots of water.” A noble goal we can all try in the name of rescuing our livers from an overindulgent holiday season (guilty).

Shay Mitchell

This actress and travel guru has made a goal that is not solely for herself, advocating to “aim for a bit more compassion” for all in the new year.

Jessie James Decker

Introverts, unite! The reality TV star is pledging “to be more social and less hermity” in 2019.

Iskra Lawrence

The beloved #everyBODYisbeautiful advocate and model is choosing “more smiles and sunshine in 2019.” Living in the moment and celebrating the little things is definitely something we can all get behind.

Sophia Roe

Chef Sophia Roe is looking self-love in the face and promising to “broaden and deepen my relationship to emotional self-nourishment.”

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