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Planters can be so pompous. They sit perched on a sunny windowsill or in a dedicated nook, an ostentatious reminder that their owner is exceptionally adept at keeping large greenery alive. Filled with luscious leaves, these hefty vessels seem to taunt those of us whose collection of plants looks more like a graveyard. If you find yourself in the latter camp, it’s time to think small: Bud vases may be the answer to your plant-filled prayers.

These tiny vases are great ways to bring plants home without having to fret about keeping them alive. Try a singular monstera leaf or Anthurium flower stem for something more lively or do as the French do and decorate with dried florals. Either way, these miniature vessels are a low-lift way to bring the outdoors in. Plus, they just look super cute lined up on a mantel or bookcase.

For a sunny refresh

Hana Vase, Arhoj ($38)

Play into the pastel trend by pairing this sculptural vase with an equally soft-hued flower—something fresh from a nearby park or garden.

For preserving the sanctity of your all-white color scheme

Ceramic Bud Vase, Walmart ($10)

For a clean, monochromatic look, keep color at bay by opting for a white bloom (like baby’s breath) to complement this classic piece. With subtle geometric detailing incorporated for some visual intrigue, this vase will work with a minimalist aesthetic.

For a great vignette in the making

Apple Mini Vase, Favor ($21)

These colorful, globular mini vases are so cute paired together that it would be a crime against design to separate them. Pick up the entire lot to form a multicolored moment on any empty surface. Just add greenery.

For some clarity

Sommar 2019 (Set of 3), Ikea ($5)

If earthy ceramics aren’t your thing, look to lighter materials for your vessels. These IKEA ones feature subtle color and will bring a beachy vibe to your space—you can almost imagine finding them in a stylish Airbnb by the sea.

For those who spend way too much time at the natural history museum

Caviar Bud Vase, Il Buco Vita ($200)

Do these or do these not almost look like fossils? Given the organic shape of each vase, paired with the unique textured finish, you’d be forgiven for assuming these were priceless historical artifacts. Team your porcelain piece with your choice of a dried flower to emphasize the rustic look.

For the person who always has paint chips on hand

Small Contour Vase, East Fork ($64)

If your home is a revolving door of color palettes and unexpected pattern pairings, opt for a bold stem to complement this funky, gourd-shaped object. Go for contrast with a bright red or orange bloom to juxtapose nicely with the cornflower blue.

For the antique shop fiend

Tiny Pots by Yuta Segawa, Momosan Shop ($35+)

Do you spend your weekends scouring the stalls at your closest vintage market? You’ll want to add these mini pots to your decor collection. Individually thrown by Japanese potter Yuta Segawa, each vessel is completely one of a kind. Choose from the color palette that best suits your own.

For embracing the color of the year

Short Black Engobe Vase, The Citizenry ($85)

Matte black is the hottest finish du jour, but if you’re not willing to commit to painting your walls in the dramatic color, try it out in a smaller dose—specifically, via this enchanting little vase. The sleek silhouette ensures it works with a variety of cut blooms or clippings: Opt for a sprig of greenery for a simple look or a bundle of daisies for a fresher style.

For elevating your mantel

Cecilia Dark Red Bud Vase, Lindform ($35)

The deep burgundy hue feels instantly sophisticated. For some color contrast, opt for a sunny yellow mimosa flower to finish it off; it’ll be the perfect balance of elegant and contemporary.

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