Published on February 14, 2016

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Photography by @leahreenagoren

by Lexi Tollefsen

Whether you’re an early bird or a professional oversleeper, you can’t deny the enviable beauty of a well-decorated breakfast nook The dining alcoves can totally transform a small kitchen with their charm and potential for bold style statements. Existing in many forms, shapes, and sizes, [%395%] never cease to provide big time interior inspiration

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Photography by Hayley Sheffield

cute and colorful

Fresh color pops and daring prints give white details in this corner a youthful flair in this little corner. Strategically spaced art prevents the breakfast nook from appearing over-crowded.

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Photography by The World of Interiors

green with envy

This sophisticated kitchen is especially sleek with its regal color scheme and angular corner booth. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the enclave feel open and bright, despite the moody green paint.

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Photography by domino

playful, yet polished

Statement art perfectly offsets the intimacy of this dining nook, making the entire area feel bigger and more tailored.

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Photography by Trevor Tondro

brimming with personality

Eccentricity reigns supreme in this eating spot with pattern play, mixed frames, and quaintly mismatched dinnerware items. The expressive pendant light adds an additional element of surprise.

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Photography by Mikael Azelsson

a taste of the bistro

In this simplistic, bistro-inspired apartment niche, natural light is the best accessory. Windowsill greens add pops of natural color, while a traditional red-brown rug provides a soothing foundation for the all-white scene.

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Photography by Jen Jacobson

young and vibrant

A strict green and white color scheme makes for an attention-grabbing nook perfect for morning coffee or a midday snack. Diner booths give the corner a fun retro feel.

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Photography by Kara Rosenlund

modern rustic

This kitchen fuses country culture and crisp scandinavian style to create a mixture that’s both cozy and chic. Pillows of varying textures make the nook especially homey.

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Photography by Carrie Hatfield

gracefully refined

A tufted bench and blue and white accessories lend a touch of glamour to otherwise straightforward styling. Dark herringbone floors lend a graceful element of of tradition.

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Photography by Rue Magazine

pretty in shades of pink

This feminine hangout is a stylish study in balance. Sleek gold accents are softened by fluffy textures, while pops of orange give the pink palette depth.

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Photography by Alvhem

sun-filled and spotless

Midcentury modern chairs look spectacular when paired with a wooden table with a cottage-like feel. The happy nook is a perfect spot for a peaceful breakfast or a romantic dinner date without leaving the comfort of your apartment.

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Photography by Better Homes and Gardens

lovely and ladylike

This all white gem ups the ante with formal finishes and French accents that challenge the idea of a breakfast nook as a strictly causal zone.

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Photography by Design Sponge

white, bright, and multi-tasking

A slim, modern table and colorful stools make this breakfast nook-turned-bar an ideal day-to-night configuration for small kitchens.

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Photography by The Kitchn

french girl chic

Like a cute street-side cafe, this breakfast nook packs a big punch of personality with colorful floor tiles, matching turquoise chairs, and jet black pendant light. The delicate table perfectly integrates the set up into the larger kitchen area.