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Compiling a wedding registry can be a bit stressfuldo you go with the honeymoon fund, the kitchen basics, or that wishlist you’ve had bookmarked for years? Choosing the perfect items for your future home involves a certain amount of foresight that’s hard to have: For instance, are you really going to use that fancy mandolin slicer enough to justify the space it will undoubtedly occupy in your cabinet? 

Because we know you have way more important things to worry about when planning your big day, we set out to discover the pieces that are actually worth registering for, courtesy of a few creatives we trust. Here’s what they had to say.

Fine China—For Everyday

Royal Copenhagen Blue Elements Plate

“The best thing I registered for was a full set of Royal Copenhagen blue fluted half-lace china. It is such a gorgeous pattern and we use it every day. It makes me happy every time I eat!” – Ariel Okin, Interior designer

Picture Frames

Cunill Vintage Sterling Silver Picture Frame

“One of the things you’re left with after a wedding are the memories. The photographer was such an essential part of our day, I registered for a few nice silver frames for our wedding photographs. I love that not just the images, but also the frames, together symbolize the start of our marriage.”- Jess Levin Conroy, founder of CARATS & CAKE

Customized Luggage

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Luggage

“My wife and I are most excited about the personalized luggage on our registry. We’re having a destination wedding; afterward, we plan on traveling around Europe. A fresh pair of stylish suitcases would be perfect, plus we’ll use them for years to come.” – Ivanka Dekoning, writer and stylist 

Down Comforters

Downright SIERRA Luxury Down Alternative Fiber Comforter

“My husband and I are both Scandinavians (he’s Danish, I’m Icelandic) and in our culture, we do not register for gifts. However, for our wedding we made a wishlist and gave it out just to the guests who asked for it. One of the best things we received was a beautiful, fluffy, high-quality down comforter, which has kept us warm ever since our wedding 10 years ago.” – Katrin Bjork, author, food and lifestyle photographer

A Blender

Vitamix Explorian Blender

“Hands down my Vitamix! I use it for everything: smoothies in the morning, sauces for lunch and dinner, meal prep on the weekends. It’s easily the most used appliance in my entire kitchen.”Gaby Dalkin, chef and founder of What’s Gaby Cooking

A Toaster

Dualit 2-Slice Toaster

“We love our toaster and have used it daily since our wedding. Having four slots is awesome because I’m gluten-free and my husband, Jake, isn’t, so we each have designated slots for toasting. Also, its sleek design works well with our organic modernist aesthetic.” – Becky Shea, Interior designer

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Michael Aram Hammer Tone Salt and Pepper Set

“Our wedding was in 2011, and the best thing we registered for was a small pair of fancy salt & pepper shakers by Michael Aram. I think utility is key for the bulk of what you ask for, but having a few talismans that are small, special, and, for me, sculptural is important. We don’t use the shakers much, but they sit on a little table, reminding us both of the day, of who we were, and what our tastes/hopes/dreams were.”- Jackie Courtney, founder of Nearly Newlywed

Pots and Pans

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Dutch Oven

“My Le Creuset is the best! It’s this amazing orange color that matches the backsplash of my kitchen. I’m super-practical and knowing that these pots and pans will last for a lifetime is amazing because I use them almost every day!” – Ella Hall, Founder of Stitchroom

A Tea Kettle

Alessi Steel Bottom Water Tea Kettle

“I was given the original version of a vintage Alessi kettle by a family member who knows I can never resist a cup of tea! It has such a fun whistle when it boils, plus its unique design makes it a great focal point for my kitchen.” –Claire Weller, Graphic Designer

A Coffee-Maker

Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

“My Nespresso machine! I use it daily to make coffee for myself, plus when I have company I can offer people a cup of espresso which feels fancier. Pro tip: You can buy Starbucks coffee pods for the machine if you don’t like espresso. The machine is super-sleek and small; I keep it right on my kitchen counter. I’ve had it for six years and it still works great.” – Rachel Jo Silver, founder of Love Stories

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