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It’s officially the dead of winter.

Our skin is cracked, our nights are spent indoors, and our brisk morning commutes are a constant reminder that at least one more snowstorm will hit before spring blooms again. Yes, the late-winter lull can fatigue even the most optimistic of us.

Which is why we need a pick-me-up. This year, may we suggest it come in the form of fresh flowers artfully arranged in beautiful vases? There are no body creams or spa visits in the world that will make our skin feel plump and sun-kissed again, and no matter how excited we get by a day over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, we know the mercury will inevitably dip once more.

All that’s left to remind us of warmer days and budding trees is a simple bouquet of fresh blooms—artfully arranged on a windowsill—to brighten up our homes until the weather warms up. If you, too, are in dire need of a late winter pick-me-up, start with one of these cheery vases. You’ll get a head start on spring decorating.

Narcissus Pentagon Vase, 1stdibs ($3,062)

There’s nothing like a blush-hued smoked glass–and-terrazzo vase to make us believe in spring again.

Penn Green Metal Vase, CB2 ($50)

CB2’s vase selection this season is refreshingly delightful. This slender cast-aluminum vase with its long neck and gold rings is no exception.

Forsythia Ceramic Handmade Vase, 1stdibs ($258)

Count on Forsythia’s bright-hued handmade ceramic vases to give us a cheery energy boost to last throughout the day.

Serafina Assorted Vase Trio, Urban Outfitters ($169)

Why have one vase when you could have three? With this simple Urban Outfitters trio, you can split your bouquet in three and display each vase on its own or as a set.

Contemporary Minimalist Small Brass and Glass Solitary Vase, 1stdibs ($85)

Minimalists, rejoice. This solitary vase made of brass and glass will indulge your edited tendencies in the best way.

Riflessi High Pink Blown Glass Vase, 1stdibs ($493)

This neon pink glass vessel is the perfect home to your artfully arranged bodega bouquet. Trust us: Your flowers will look so good.

Hybrid-Adelma Vase in Porcelain, 1stdibs ($180)

Traditionalists will get a kick out of Seletti’s hybrid vase collection, which fuses two classic fine china vases of different styles and periods into one.

Mia Vase, Anthropologie ($28)

This lavender bowl-looking vase is ideal for the most romantic of us. Artfully lay your bouquet nonchalantly for best results.

Tasty Collection Pink Porcelain Vase, 1stdibs ($2,405)

Unique? Sure. Completely amazing? Definitely. Ahryun Lee’s bizarre ceramics collection has us hooked—just add a single leafy stem.

Marble Vase, H&M Home ($50)

Take a cue from H&M Home’s chic collection of vessels and arrange a single stem in this chic minimalist black marble vase.

Modern Malevich Vase Cs1, 1stdibs ($220)

This Kateryna Sokolova–designed vase is composed of multiple sections so you can separate your palm leaves from your fresh blooms to create a beautiful greenery sculpture.

Round Onyx Posture Marble Vase, 1stdibs ($1,619)

Set a single stem on this beautiful Carl Kleiner stand for a lovely and sculptural take on the flower arrangement.

Happy Susto Flower Vase, 1stdibs ($534)

What more to put a smile on your face than a happy white animated figurine greeting you with fresh blooms each day?

Tall Mug in Blush, Need Supply Co. ($44)

If all else fails, do as we do and arrange a simple bodega bouquet in a chic ceramic mug.

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