Published on January 25, 2019

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Chocolates, roses, and cheeky cards are the sort of run-of-the-mill gifts we tend to associate with Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whom you’re celebrating it with, be it your friends or that special someone, when it comes to the polarizing holiday, we find ourselves victims to the set traditions of the day. And since there are only a finite number of ways one can reinvent the aforementioned options, we’re staging an intervention with an array of gift ideas that challenge the traditional. Read on for the out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day gifts your special someone(s) deserve this year.

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Courtesy of The Sill

If you think flowers are overrated

Go for Hoya Heart, The Sill, $32.50

Skip the bouquet and opt for something that lasts a longer than fresh florals. This charming heart-shaped green comes with an equally charming planter (available in five different colorways) and can even be personalized with witty phrases.

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Courtesy of Octaevo

If you just started dating and need to tread carefully

Go for A Year of Sun Pocket Notes, Octaevo, $11.90

Kick it old school and fill a few pages of this undeniably chic and dainty notebook with sweet nothings.

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If you want to buy chocolates but you don’t want to just buy chocolates

Go for Te Amo Chocolates, Maggie Louise Confections, $48

There are regular boxes of chocolate, and then there’s this. Maggie Louise’s artful creations come in a variety of decadent flavors and are *almost* too pretty to eat.

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Photography by Balarama Heller

If you really don’t know what to get (and it has to be chic)

Go for Lump Nubbins, Chiaozza, $175

These beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind sculptures are just the sort thing to get that one person who seems to have it all.

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Courtesy of Ashkahn

If you want to keep it simple

Go for Ur Amazing Card, Ashkahn, $6

Consider snoozy Valentines a thing of the past—2019 is all about staying witty and keeping things fresh.

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Courtesy of Vitra

If they just moved into a new place and you’re trying to kill two birds with one stone

Go for Eames Elephant, Vitra, $84

An accent piece that’s prime for making a decorative statement regardless of their aesthetic.

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Courtesy of Goop

If you know they’re hard to please and you’re willing to splurge

Go for Flower-Dyed Leizu Silk Sleep Set, Elizabeth Few Studio, $275

If your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day entails a cozy night in, embrace it with a dose of luxury and elegance. This stunning silk eye mask and matching pillowcase set will do the trick.

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Courtesy of Bloomingdales

If you know the way to their heart is through their sweet tooth

Go for Darcy Miller x “Hi Sugar!” Sugar Gummy Lips, Sugarfina, $8.50

Indulge them with a selection of decadent gummies from this rad collaboration.  

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Courtesy of Graf Lantz

If you want to make a statement at your Galentine’s dinner

Go for Canvas Cozy Solo Rock Salt, Graf Lantz, $34

Pair your go-to bottle of red or bubbly with this cozy, blush-toned carrier because it’s all about the presentation.

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Courtesy of Kikkerland

If you’re trying to set the mood

Go for Romance Kit, Kikkerland, $9

This one’s essentially Valentine’s Day in a box. A tealight, rose-scented incense sticks, an incense holder, and fabric rose petals—what more could your romantic night need?

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Courtesy of Coming Soon

If you really just want a gift for yourself

Go for Régime des Fleurs Fragrances, Oahu Collection, $125

Available in three exquisite scents, these beautifully packaged fragrances are for you, your S.O., and their space.

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Courtesy of Goldbelly

If you’re looking to give them a piece of your heart

Go for Big Love Heart S’more, Sherry B Dessert Studio, $59

Nothing says “I love you” quite like an oversize heart-shaped s’more.