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Netflix has launched us into a serious tidying frenzy—and, luckily, this is one binge we don’t feel bad about. In the spirit of cleaning house (KonMari style), we’re canceling our exciting Saturday night plans to aimlessly wander every aisle at our decluttering store of choice: The Container Store.

But before we dedicate our entire weekend to tidying up, we thought we’d seek a little advice. We took our most pressing The Container Store-related question to every organization professional we knew and asked them: What’s in your basket?

Among the many no-fail products on their shopping list, there were some clear winners in the group. Read on for the organizing essential that will have your space sparkling in no time.

InterDesign Divided Lazy Susan, The Container Store ($24)

Almost every organizing pro we asked dubbed this versatile essential an absolute must. The Interdesign divided turntable from The Container Store is an organization staple. It’s the perfect tool to keep items contained and easily accessible,” says Clea Shearer, cofounder of The Home Edit.

“It can be used in almost every space in the home, such as the playroom for art supplies, under the kitchen sink for cleaning supplies, in the front hall closet for pharmacy and first-aid supplies, in the bathroom for hair products, and in the pantry for oils and vinegars. The options are endless!” adds fellow The Home Edit cofounder Joanna Teplin.

The secret backbone to any organized household, lazy Susans are apparently a huge help when it comes to dividing and conquering the smaller items on your tidying list.

“For me, it’s a life saver!” says organization pro and founder of Cindyology Cindy Huzenman. Along with the InterDesign turntable, she’s also a big fan of the 2-Tier Bamboo Lazy Susan. “When I find myself in a deep pantry or a cabinet corner, the best item to use is a turntable. It will facilitate access but won’t let food get lost in the back. When I use it inside fridges, it can be for kids snacks (yogurt or cheese sticks) or even herbs and spices.”

Jessica Litman of Chicago-based firm The Organized Mama also shared her praise for the piece. Along with keeping kids’ snacks in their proper place in the pantry, Litman likes to use the lazy Susan in the bathroom for added storage under the sink. “Since it’s so versatile, it works in those hard-to-get-to spaces without taking up too much space,” she suggests.

Whitewash Rattan Storage Bins, The Container Store ($30)

Looking for the perfect bins? Founder and CEO of Operation Organization Katrina Teeple loves these rattan options for every room in the home. From mail to electronics, she uses them to catch just about every miscellaneous item on the countertop, bookcase, and beyond.

“They are perfect for corralling clutter in drop zones throughout the house,” says Teeple. “I believe that what we organize with should be functional and pretty to look at, and these perfectly sized baskets are everything because they hold anything while adding style to your home.”

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers, The Container Store ($7)

Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing, declares there are three finds you’ll never see her leave the store without. Her first pick is designed with a sleeker closet in mind.

“As professional organizers, something we notice right away in a closet is if the hangers are all matching. Matching hangers in your closet is instant gratification,” explains Hord. “Don’t think it will save you space? Think again! You will be shocked at how using all matching felt hangers will save you space in your closet. The felt hangers have a chrome-plated hook that slides easily along your hanging rod (unlike those plastic hangers), making it super easy to shop your own closet.”

Bin Clip Label, The Container Store ($10)

There’s no point in stocking up on bins and baskets if you don’t know which one holds the guest towels and which one is for laundry supplies in the end. For Hord, labeling is an essential step in the tidying process, which is why these handy clip-ons are also in her basket.

“What’s great about these labels is that they can clip on to any bin you want. Don’t try to stick a label on a wicker basket. It most likely won’t stick or will end up falling off. These bin clip labels provide a beautiful aesthetic while keeping your label secure,” explains Hord.

Dream Drawer Dividers, The Container Store ($16)

“We are a big believer in the ‘file fold’ method of folding so that you can see everything in your drawer and remember what you have!” adds Hord. In order to keep vertical rows in order and delineate clear categories, the pro divvies up space with these cleverly designed dividers. “They’re spring loaded and hold tight to your drawers, unlike some drawer dividers that easily fall loose.”

3-Tier Storage Cart, The Container Store ($30)

Along with the InterDesign lazy Susan, Jessica Litman is also a fan of this equally versatile find that comes on wheels.

It’s the perfect option for in between washers and dryers, holding kids’ art supplies, bathroom storage, and entertaining. Plus, it can easily be moved from room to room or pulled out and tucked away as needed,” says Litman.

Acrylic Magazine Slipcase, The Container Store ($17)

Christy Smirl, a private librarian and owner of Foxtail Books, helps bibliophiles arrange and streamline their collections for a living. These acrylic cases are just one of two of her favorite finds for the book lover.

“When I help clients organize a home library, I often head to The Container Store for its clear magazine holders,” says Smirl. “Whether you have a set of architectural journals, brand catalogs, or back issues of magazines you hold onto for inspiration, a set of magazine holders contains them while showcasing the nice uniformity of their spines. It’s so much easier to see what you have and access them, and I love the contemporary, clean look that allows the rest of the books and art objects on the shelves to shine.”  

Archival Photo Storage Box, The Container Store ($20)

“When I design a home library for clients, I look for accessories that work with the interiors of the home but are also functional,” suggests Smirl. In order to preserve precious objects, archival family photos, and fragile rare books, she relies on these protective bins to keep heirloom-quality pieces safe.

“The Container Store’s line of grey archival boxes are similar to what a museum or an archive would use to protect objects from dust and light but at a fraction of the price,” adds Smirl. “They are constructed from acid- and lignin-free materials, which is important.”

Clear Shelf Divider, The Container Store ($11)

For a clear and concise closet, Thumbtack professional organizer Anna Bauer uses these see-through shelf dividers as a way to visually divvy up space between different types of clothing. “Using dividers makes it easy to maintain organization so each category is easy to find,” says Bauer.

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