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The majority of pet beds resemble dumpy body pillows you’d rather not have in your home, but your beloved furry family member has to have somewhere to sleep. So what’s a stylish pet owner to do? Thankfully, an increasing amount of companies are crafting modern, functional, pet beds that look good in your home—and keep your pets comfy. It’s officially time to make your pet’s bed as chic as your own.


Sound familiar? They also sell wool blankets with a cult following, which is reflected in their line of pet beds. You’ll find striped beds in a variety of classic color combinations, materials, and sizes.


This brand of luxury floor cushions will fit right into any bohemian household—just make sure your guests know it’s for your dog, not humans.

stay stay

This Korean pet furniture company creates legitimate structures for your pets to sleep in. Shop two styles each for your cat or dog and enjoy watching them make their bed a real home.


These pet beds don’t come cheap, but if you’re set on finding a unique, modern place for your pet to sleep, consider investing. Their website reads “we stand for companion animal’s design rights” so you know they’re the real deal. Bonus: The inside cushion is made with waterproof fabric, so accidents aren’t a problem.

pup and kit

Warning: Proceed only if you have a super cool, modern, wooden bed frame you love for yourself—these bed frames (for cats and dogs!) will give anything you have a run for its money. It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but if you’re looking to give your pet a bed that rivals your own, this is the place to shop.

hound and house

We’d like to think of Hound and House’s dog teepees more as a blanket fort or kennel replacement for your dog or cat. It’s like a tiny pet-sized room divider that gives your pet his or her own space without that ugly bed or clunky kennel.

cairu design

Pet furniture from Cairu Design is as midcentury modern as it gets. They sell a few similar designs that vary in cushion size, leg height, stain, and cushion color. Cairu’s Etsy shop is currently being revamped, but bookmark it for future purchases.

sasha & me

Sasha & Me sells minimalist beds for cats and dogs, with their two main models being a felt basket and a mega plush “diva bed”, mostly in subdued grays. Our favorite product, though? This Sogno Bed made especially for cats. The creative prints and color combinations are perfect for any modern home.

sauder furniture

Open your mind to this multifunctional piece of furniture… Behold, the coffee table pet bed. This is a great option for dogs owners who have a “no fido on the couch” rule but want to spend quality time with their pup—and their TV. On the other hand, this is not a great option for anyone who prefers to keep it portable. They also have structures especially for cats!


If you LOVE getting items personalized with names or initials, we’ve found just the pet bed for you. These dog and cat beds are basically a natural wool felt bowl with your pet’s name stitched across the front. It’s cute, but still minimalist with a modern vibe.

doca pet

Doca Pet’s ZZ Bed looks so comfortable we would even consider sleeping on it. DP also sells other modern dog accessories, like simple bandanas and sleek, modern food and water bowls.  The bed is currently available in three sizes in the gray color seen here.

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