When we tell you that Domino readers love their plants, we’re not talking about the same love you feel when you discover that your dream sofa is on sale or you add a new Frakta bag to your collection. No, we’re talking about the kind of love that makes you want to cancel exciting Saturday night plans so you stay in and tend to your green friends at home.

Like any proud parent, plant parents always seem to have a camera in their hand. They’re there for every first step—er, sprout—and never miss a beat… I mean, bud. In other words, you can be sure that they’re capturing and sharing every precious plant moment with fellow foliage fiends.

After doing a little digging on Instagram, we didn’t just confirm that #SODomino followers love their houseplants, but we uncovered exactly which plants they’re coveting in their homes right now. Bonus? They’re all fairly easy to care for.

Consider this the Domino beginner’s list to indoor greens.


Try them in the bathroom

Suszi Saunders doesn’t just have a thing for dark interiors, she’s also obsessed with willowy greens. With plenty of moisture to go around, the London-based decor lover turned her bathroom into a jungle-inspired haven for delicate ferns and florals. And to top it all off? Wallpaper to match.

Banana Leaf

Try it in the living room

Take your banana-leaf wallpaper print one step further by embracing the dramatic tree IRL. Because the leaves can go seriously large, the statement-making green is best kept in rooms with plenty of space and light. Seattle-based stylist Michelle Qazi is inspiring us to channel the tropics in a lofted living room.

Areca Palm

Try it in the bedroom

Native to Madagascar and South India, the Areca palm (also called the butterfly palm or golden cane palm) lets you live out a faraway vacation without ever walking out the front door. Take a cue from designer and photographer Blake Pope, who has transformed his North Carolina bedroom into a desert oasis with an oversize palm. Why have a canopy bed when you can shade your place of slumber the natural way?


Try it in the dining room

Hands down Kiel Thedford has uncovered the key to the perfect table centerpiece. Not only does eucalyptus happen to be our go-to last-minute gift for the host, but we also love that the fast-growing evergreen can double as decor when placed in the right vase.


Try it in the hallway

If you’re looking to create a Cali-cool, bohemian vibe, look no further than the Yucca. Loved for its sword-shaped leaves and Southwestern flair, the low-maintenance plant prefers to stick closer to its desert origins, which means less watering for you. Need help styling? We love how Lindsay from Leaf + Lolo plopped her Yucca next to a mid-century credenza of the same height.

Snake Plant

Try it in the kitchen

We don’t just love snake plants (also called mother-in-law’s tongues) because they’re practically impossible to kill, but they also actually help purify the air—making them great additions to the kitchen. No matter how small or large your cooking space, place your slithery wonder out of the way, like RV dweller Jacqueline Sarah, and in indirect sunlight.


Try it on an armoire

So long, fiddle-leaf figs. There’s another green beauty climbing to the top of our must-have list: philodendron. Tip: Trailing plants flourish in itty-bitty apartments where surfaces are in short supply. New York native Ryan Norville cleverly placed her falling friend on top of her armoire for an added touch from Mother Earth.


Aside from its charming nickname (monstera also goes by the fitting name, Swiss cheese plant), we’re big fans of this bushy green’s wild shape and exotic leaves, and apparently, so is Annie Sarai. To elevate the Monstera’s graphic leaves, the Portland-based Instagrammer situated her potted friend on a mod side table.

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