Published on December 24, 2015

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Photography by @kiticat009


An eclectic mix of magnolia leaves, branches, pine cones, and berries make this wreath a crowd pleaser for all holiday styles.

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Photography by @caseygodlove


Country meets city sums up this wreath made with antlers and an elegant red ribbon.

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Photography by @thekeyofkels


This gorgeous multicolored piece looks good enough to wear on your head.

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Photography by @melissajill


Eucalyptus leaves turn your pooch into the ghost of Christmas present!

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Photography by @elisabeth_anthony


Sucker for succulents? Skip the pine and holly and go for something more trendy this year.

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Photography by @gobeil_soleil


Into the glitz and glamour that comes with the holiday season? Go with a glass ornament wreath!

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Photography by @alicelittleshop


A little spray paint goes a long way, especially when it’s gold. Take a cue from this star-shaped wreath made with gilded dried flowers.

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Photography by @abeautifulmess


Soirée season is upon us! If you live for amazing holiday parties under the flashing lights, then feast your eyes on this disco ball wreath.

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Photography by @ful.filled


If you love the holidays, but opt for simpler styles, look no further than this forager’s dream wreath.

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Photography by @little_puddles


Every DIY maven knows that felt balls are the fastest way to decor nirvana. Try a multi-colored variation for a playful take on the holidays.

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Photography by @dyjodesigns


This fruity variant is more than grocery chic – it’s delicious, whimsical, and will look great all season long.

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Photography by @evermoreflower


Skip the leaves and make your own wreath using leftover paper you have from wrapping presents and card-making.

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Photography by @amandakingloff


The holidays make you want to be with those you love—and celebrate the stuff you love. Take a cue from this knitting lover’s wreath and make your own with your favorite things.

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Photography by @yuki.toku


Skip the green and opt for gold dried flowers for a more cheerful vibe to take you into the New Year (aka gloomy January).

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Photography by @charissa_fay


Who needs a door wreath when you’ve got the perfect centerpiece for brunch? Holly berries and donuts? Yes, please!