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Given the influx of family and friends we’ll be hosting this season, we’re all about making simple swaps to instantly refresh our homes. Aside from the expected florals and scented candles, we’re looking to an alternate solution that will help elevate one of the more commonly overlooked spots of our home: the bathroom sink.

If you don’t have time to renovate or make serious changes to your bathroom before guests arrive (who does?) focus on low-lift items that leave a lasting impression, like hand soap. Trading this household staple in for a thoughtful,  luxe alternative can instantly elevate even the drabbest spaces.

A beautifully packaged bottle paired with an indulgent scent can go a long way. Prop one of these design-forward pieces on the sink and relish in the stylish transformation that will surely ensue. Ahead, eight hand soaps that will help you do just that.  

Sandalwood Hand Wash, Grown Alchemist, $37

Key Notes: Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Hyaluronan

Aromatic Profile: Woody with slightly floral undertones

Star Power: The unique combination of the two key ingredients garner a stress relieving detail while the sandalwood helps get rid of toxins.

Basil Hand Soap, Le Labo, $22

Key Notes: Basil and Verbena

Aromatic Profile: Citrusy

Star Power: Rosemary leaf functions as a natural antioxidant while the inclusion of sea buckthorn helps soothe skin.

Liquid Soap, Eau d’Italie, $38

Key Notes: Citrus, olive and coconut

Aromatic Profile: Citrusy with a faint hint of the Meditteranean Sea. Yes, really. 

Star Power: It’s the official, signature scent of Amalfi’s Hotel Le Sirenuse so naturally, you can expect it to induce a serious dose of wanderlust. 

Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash, Aesop, $39

Key Notes: Vetiver Root, Petitgrain, Bergamot Rind

Aromatic Profile: Smokey and earthy

Star Power: Finely milled pumice (a porous volcanic rock) that acts as a gentle exfoliant.

Rum Hand and Body Wash, Malin+Goetz, $24

Key Notes: Rum Tonic eau de parfum fragrance leaves

Aromatic Profile: Hints of citrus and rum

Star Power: A hydrating cleanser, which can double as a foaming bath soap, that purifies skin and relieves stress.

Feuilles d’Eucalyptus, Kerzon, $27.11

Key Notes: Eucalyptus and lavender

Aromatic Profile: Menthol

Star Power: Two soothing scents combine to form an ultra relaxing and subtly fragrant note.

Hinoki Hand Wash, Te Plus Te, $58

Key Notes: Japanese Hinoki essential oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera

Aromatic Profile: Woody with hints of citrus

Star Power: A plant-based soap featuring the deeply therapeutic properties of Hinoki  

Never Spring Hand Wash, Björk & Berries, $24.82

Key Notes: Birch, cucumber, and aloe vera

Aromatic Profile: Fruity and refreshing

Star Power: Sea buckthorn and organic birch extracts offer vitamins that protect and nurture skin.

074 URKMYNTA Hand & Body Wash, L:A BRUKET, $25.13

Key Notes: Cucumber and mint

Aromatic Profile: Cool mint

Star Power: Natural astringent properties offer a cooling effect with revitalizing elements.

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