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Making a personal goal of cooking more in the new year may sound like a home run at first. It’s a great commitment to make because the benefits are endless: You save money, learn new skills, and become more mindful from a nutritional standpoint. It’s an eye-opening experience to learn how much of something the human body consumes on a daily basis without even realizing it, be it sugar, sodium, or any other ingredient. But it is important to have all the necessary tools and make the transition as smooth as possible.

As cliché as it may sound, sometimes a personal goal is simply more achievable when there is some aesthetically pleasing motivation surrounding it. It’s similar to when you make a new fitness goal, and you just need a new pair of leggings or a workout tank to get you started. The kitchen is no different. After all, who doesn’t love something shiny and new?

To help make your cooking resolution easier to stomach (pun intended), we found 18 of the chicest culinary tools and accessories that’ll make your time spent in the kitchen that much more fun.  

For cooking

Scorpion Pepper Purple Carrot (Fueled) 4oz, Bushwick Sauce ($10)

For any rookie cooks hoping to master some foolproof dishes this year, the secret lies in flavorful yet simple sauces that can easily transform even the most basic of ingredients. This sauce is made with fiery organic scorpion peppers, roasted purple carrots, roasted garlic, and honey. It can take any food to the next level.

Shiitake Mushrooms – Études, Casa Bosques Chocolates ($11)

Sometimes your taste buds need a little thank-you. This is the way to do it. This chocolate is made from Fuparoca cacao beans sourced from the Dominican Republic, and the smoky flavors and textures are blended with rich, luscious dark chocolate for a unique treat you won’t soon forget.

Awake Olive Oil, Brightland ($37)

This particular olive oil is made from hand-picked heirloom Coratina olives and harvested early for peak flavor. Origins aside, it comes neatly packaged in probably the most stylish condiment bottle we’ve ever seen.

8-cup Pack, Sudden Coffee ($20)

This pocket-sized instant coffee is perfect for the person who doesn’t have time to brew a pot at home before rushing out the door in the mornings. Save some cash and forgo the overpriced shop coffee in favor of this tiny, caffeinated lifesaver.

Smoked Chili Flakes, Daphnis and Chloe ($11)

Is making a homemade pizza on your 2019 culinary goal list? Be sure to include this spice. It’ll add a mild edge to your regular tomato sauce and elevate even the simplest of meals.

The Dutchess, Great Jones Goods ($175)

Pots and pans don’t have to be boring. This dutch oven adds life to any cooking session and transfers beautifully from stove to tabletop.

It’s also ideal for kitchens where storage is at a premium; as founder Sierra Tishgart previously shared with us, “So many people live in small spaces where cookware, like art and furniture, is on display… Luxury, brands are beautiful, but we couldn’t find a modern kitchen brand that offered a compelling combination of design, accessible pricing, and quality.” This dutch oven is affordable quality you’ll actually want to display.

Pablo Picasso: Picasso’s Kitchen, Amazon ($29)

Okay, so this might not exactly be a cookbook—but foodies and art lovers alike will definitely appreciate this book. The culinary-inspired works of Picasso are on vibrant display in its pages, and who knows? It just may inspire you to whip up an unexpected dish inspired by the artist.

For serving

Chroma Glassware, Hawkins New York ($12)

These hand blown glasses are ideal for any beverage. Fill them with your favorite caffeinated beverage for an afternoon delight or try something new and trendy like CBD seltzer.

Cheese Knife, Tied Home ($30)

This affordable knife set combines style and function in the best way possible. To make things even better, no two resin cheese knives are exactly the same—so every knife feels bespoke. The product is finished with a custom blend of beeswax and mineral oil.

Table Mortar by Mark Braun, Hem ($139)

We’re all about things that serve a dual purpose. This marble piece is both a lidded storage container for spices and a mortar.

Kitchen Linens – Sky by Jenny Pennywood, General Store ($26)

These napkins deserve to be seen. When they’re not dressing up your dinner table, keep them folded up in a bowl on your counter or island to brighten up your kitchen. Plus, that way, they’re always within easy reach when you need them.

Sun Splatter Enamel Serving Set, Leif ($28)

Add a little sunshine to your latest culinary endeavor. These fun serving spoons would pair well with any deep set serving bowl—try a brightly colored one in cobalt blue or brick red for some primary color contrast.

Copper Dish, THIS ($42)

This dish is pure copper, making it a timeless piece. Dress it up with a decadent garnish at your next soiree or keep it utilitarian as a home for your kitchen’s rubber bands and bag clips.

Dip Dishes, Year & Day ($7)

Serving dishes are just as important as the food in them. These adorable dip dishes are sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter what they’re filled with.

For cleaning

Table Brush Set, CB2 ($40)

This tool goes beyond a short term New Years goal. Keep your kitchen tidy year round—this durable horsehair brush sweeps tabletop and counter messes clean and clips neatly into the accompanying wood dustpan for easy storage.

Marseille Household Complete Cleaning Set, Fer a Cheval ($76)

This set is perfect for all homes. It comes complete with everything from laundry soap, to dish soap, and even stain removers; the ultimate starting kit, just in time for spring cleaning.

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