Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or simply about to put a clunky old stove out to pasture, the prospect of acquiring a new gas range is sure to literally fire you up. After all, these appliances are known for their responsiveness and ability to cook food quickly and evenly. The best gas ranges are a serious investment, though—often pricier than their electric counterparts—so you’ll want to ensure that the model you buy includes the features that suit your culinary style, as well as the vibe of your cook space. Toward that end, we consulted three top designers with kitchen expertise to help you choose the best gas range for many amazing meals to come.  

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Bosch 30-inch 800 Series Gas Range

30″ 800 Series Gas Range, Bosch ($2299)
This range from the renowned appliance brand is reliable and precise, making cooking dinner a breeze. It boasts five burners (including a powerful 18,000-BTU center burner), a warming drawer, a self-cleaning cycle to banish grease, and a large-capacity oven to bake multiple dishes at once. Its clean, lean stainless steel and low-profile design for an integrated appearance would fit right in with any modern kitchen.

Best Value: Samsung Freestanding Gas Range

Freestanding Gas Range, Samsung ($1200)

For a great gas range that won’t burn a hole in your bank account, this Samsung model may be your best bet. The 30-inch range comes with a 5.8-cubic-feet capacity oven, five burners, and a storage drawer. Convenient special features include a dehydrating mode (make your own apple chips!) and a delay start function you can schedule to turn on, in case your Zoom meeting encroaches on cooking dinner. The stainless steel finish is stylish and fingerprint resistant, too, so that’s one less kitchen mess to clean. 

Best Design: La Cornue Albertine Gas Range

Albertine Gas Range, La Cornue ($8900)

For superior style and substance, consider a La Cornue range, a true standout for its vintage vibe and professional-level performance. “It is a showstopper and workhouse in one,” says Mark Lavender of M. Lavender Interiors. Its striking white finishis a refreshing departure from stainless steel, and the polished brass hardware adds distinction. The 35.5-inch range boasts five powerful gas burners to sear and sauté to perfection, while the large electric convection oven features seven functions, including defrosting and broiling. This handsome appliance “sets the tone for cozy, charming, and delicious meals,” adds Lavender.  

Best Six-Burner: Wolf 60-inch Gas Range

60” Gas Range Model, Wolf

“Wolf products boast beautiful design and attention to detail, including those iconic red knobs,” says Jessica Davis of JL Design, “And it’s hard to beat the approximate 20-year life, compared to lower-cost ranges that may only last five years.” She particularly likes this model, with six dual-stacked burners offering high and low burn modes for more precise temperature control. There’s also a 24-inch infrared dual griddle ideal for turning out everything from juicy steaks to fluffy pancakes. Just keep in mind that this double-oven model is 60 inches wide—clearly not the best choice for a tiny kitchen!

Most Powerful: Miele Freestanding Gas Range

Freestanding Gas Range, Miele ($6200)

With its oversize knobs and professional-looking facade, this Miele gas model is a match for any contemporary kitchen. Beyond those good looks, the range boasts four powerful burners that range in BTUs from 12,500 to 19,500, letting you reach that boiling point for pasta fast, while the oven excels at evenly distributing heat. The cast-iron grates are dishwasher safe, and the self-clean cycle makes short work of big-meal messes.

Best Smart Range: Monogram 36-inch Dual-Fuel Professional Range

36″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range, Monogram ($10200)

Designer Leanne Ford admits that she’s “obsessed” with this dual-fuel smart gas range from Monogram. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to preheat the oven from afar and set timers so you won’t ruin the roast. Then there’s Chef Connect, a smart feature that synchronizes the burners with the vent hood and lights. Stylewise, it’s hard to get sleeker than the black and stainless steel combo, yet the accented hardware is a special touch that “gives you the freedom to mix metals confidently in your kitchen,” says Ford.  

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Types of gas ranges: The design of every gas range is basically the same: a one-piece unit consisting of a stovetop with burners, above an oven and perhaps a broiler or warming drawer. You may also deliberate between a traditional unit and dual-fuel model, which has a gas stovetop and an electric oven. But when it comes to aesthetics, materials matter: Do you want a brushed stainless finish and sleek, simple knobs or a distinctive color with striking hardware? There’s also an abundance of bells and whistles available, including smart features, so you’ll have to balance what you want with what you’re willing to pay, since prices vary widely.

Size: Freestanding and slide-in ranges are typically 30 inches wide. Dual-fuel and pro-style gas ranges run the gamut from 36 to 60 inches wide. 

Burners and BTUs: Fans of gas ranges appreciate how precisely they can control the heat—and thereby, the cooking—issued from the burners. So you need to decide how many burners will be best, and how much heat (measured in British thermal units—BTUs) you’ll want. Standard models have four burners with average heat output, and premium models boast five or six high-performance burners and more BTUs. 

Features: A self-cleaning function is popular, especially for those who often roast meats, bake pies, and prepare other potentially drippy dishes like pizza. Some ranges now also come with a steam-cleaning function for quick, routine maintenance. You’ll see gas ranges with double ovens, integrated griddles, wok-appropriate grates, and assorted safety measures. And, of course, many new-to-the-market models may include smart components like Wi-Fi capabilities. 

Pro Tips for Buying a Gas Range

  • Consider how many burners will serve your style of cooking. If you routinely juggle multicourse meals, you may want five or six, if space allows.
  • The higher the BTU of your burners, the faster water will boil and food will cook. Standard gas ranges vary between 5,000 and 12,000 BTUs, while a power burner ranges from 12,000 to 19,500 BTUs. 
  • Read the warranty of any gas range you’re considering buying. Some cover extended periods of time, and others void the warranty if you move the range from its original location. 

Ask Domino

What is the difference between a stove and a range?

While the terms stove, oven, and range may roll off your tongue interchangeablywe’re guilty, too!they’re not all synonymous. Here, a brief breakdown:

  • Oven: The enclosed space for baking, roasting, and broiling.
  • Cooktop/stovetop: The flat surface for pots and pans to boil, sear, and sauté.
  • Stove: An appliance that furnishes heat for cooking and/or warmth.
  • Range: The entire appliance, encompassing both the oven and stovetop. 

The Last Word

A gas range is an investment, no doubt, but a quality model should last decades. Make sure to choose one that best fits your style and cooking ability at the moment and may inspire you to new culinary heights in the future.  

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