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Published on December 16, 2017

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They say health is wealth when it comes to investing in your well being, so in that mindframe, gifting any of the following health-focused gifts to those in your life is practically priceless. Whether the recipient is a seasoned health guru or just wants to start 2018 off right, we’ve got everything they’ll need, from spiritual healing, to all-the-rage health mixes, to workout gear that’ll inspire them to get out and about.

Without further ado, feel the ommm (or burn) and get shopping.



Japanese Matcha Whisk, Cap Beauty, $65

Maybe your sister is looking to kick that coffee habit (although, coffee does have its health benefits!) or your aunt just really loves tea, if so, gift them with the most gorgeous matcha whisk around. She’ll have no excuse but to immerse herself in the art of traditional Japanese tea ceremony with this bamboo whisk. This one specifically is made in the Takayama area of Japan by The Kubo Studio, a 24th generation family-owned business (making bamboo whisks for over 500 years!). A nice addition to this gift would be Cap Beauty’s impeccably sourced The Matcha, $36 (it’s even ceremonial grade—aka really high quality).


Cap Beauty

Wellness Powders, $10 and up

Moon Juice’s Brain Dust, $36, is always a sure-fired hit, especially for those wanting a health kick to their usual morning fog. Or hop on a few new wellness powder versions, one by New York cool spot Chillhouse, which made their own wellness powders based off their popular cafe drinks, ranging from Pick Me Up (perfect for a mid-day boost) to Make Me Glow (my favorite with tasty ube). Or gift Goop’s new GoopGlow, with vitamins C and E, and CoQ10 for healthy, glowing skin stat.


Moon Juice

Massage, The NOW, $35 and up

An often overlooked, but always appreciated gift, a massage is a thoughtful, easy, and quick gift. In LA? Lucky. Gift your friend a massage/way of life at The Now. In New York, try the cool girl hangout Chillhouse for the winning trio of wellness drinks/manis/massages. Or grab a gift card from one of their favorite massage spots and win Christmas.


The Now

Black Stone Essential Oil Diffuser, Vitruvi, $119

The chicest diffuser that ever was, this porcelain stone version is the gift that everyone will treasure this year. Unlike the usual plastic, unsightly diffusers of before, the sleek Vitruvi version was made to be displayed.


Body Brush, Aromatherapy Associates, $32

If they aren’t body brushing yet, are they really living?!? The secret to healthy, rejuvenated, exfoliated skin is circulation, and dry brushing (the act of using a body brush quickly on the body) is quick and pleasant as you can get to glowing skin. Throw in Jiva Apoha Sukhin (Happy) Body Oil, $60, for a complete, skin-wellness gift. (They’ll use the body brush before bathing or showering, and the body oil directly after showering on damp skin.)


Aromatherapy Associates

8Greens Cookbook, Penguin, $20; 8Greens tablets, $14

Maybe your dad has been wanting to start cooking more healthful—this is the perfect introduction for him. It may seem intimidating, but author and (accidental health expert) Lady Dawn Russell says that if she can cook, anyone can. Each recipe in her new book (even cocktails and desserts) have her 8G supplement in them, which adds a boost of often missed, but much needed greens without any effort on the cook’s end (aka no extra dicing or juicing, just drop the supplement into the recipe).



Glass Carafe, Soma, $49

The filtration system you actually want to leave out and about for all to see. And Soma’s filtration technology is made of 60 percent renewable, plant-based materials. So, they can finally feel good about their water.



Crystal-Infused Water Bottle, ViA, $78

One of the most talked about water bottles you can possibly carry around town, ViA bottles feature a blend of crystals meant to impart the water with tranquility, soothing emotions, and perception. While it doesn’t taste any different, the bottle is meant to be part of a mindfulness shift for those drinking from it. But even if it doesn’t impart all of those great benefits, it’s a really gorgeous water bottle. For a little less of a showy, but still sustainable water bottle, gift a Swell or BKR.



Meditation App, Calm, $59.99 for a year (right now it’s BOGO)

This is Apple’s number one app for mindfulness and meditation, and for good reason: it’s the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ of meditation apps. Choose the length, mood, or even the sleep story that fits you best that day. You can even pair this gift with the Calm Sleep Mist, $29.99, which partners perfectly with particular Sleep Stories in the app for a complete sleep experience too. And, in the month of December, Calm has partnered with RED, with a percentage of each purchase going to fight AIDS with life-saving HIV medication. Making it the perfect feel-good for them/others gift.


Greek Yogurt & Nourishing Organic Sheet Mask, Orgaid, $8

Indulge in their sheet mask obsession, but without any of the chemicals, fragrances, and gunk that traditionally go hand-in-hand with most sheet masks. We’re a huge fan of all three versions Orgaid makes: nourishing, hydrating and Vitamin C. Feel free to mix and match from any of them.



Digital Detox Bath Salts, Pursoma, $34

For all those bathing fans out there, gift the ultimate wellness bath salts. Pursoma founder Shannon Vaughn formulates each product to detox as it addresses a specific health need. The Digital Detox specifically is made with sea salt to stimulate blood flow and target inflammation, soothes muscles and opens the body to a much-needed deep cleanse. Montmorillonite clay attracts positively charged radiation that accumulates in our bodies from electronic devices, filtering out unhealthy and unwanted toxins. Living clay works to extract these toxins and aids in cellular revitalization to heal from the inside out. (Aka the greatest bath anyone will ever have.)



Elemental Energy: Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life by Kristin Petrovich, HarperCollins, $18.14

Has your cousin recently become obsessed with crystals? Fabulous, she’ll love this gorgeous book. It stylishly and thoughtfully breaks down crystals and gemstones, giving examples on when and how to incorporate them into your life—from crystal massages (who knew?!) to crystal-infused skincare to finding the perfect stone to enhance every occasion. A perfect pairing for this book would be Aura Quartz Point, Crystal Cactus, $16. Each Aura Quartz Point is cleansed with sage and infused with a healing vibration to prevent daily energy drains. (And aren’t they just really beautiful too?)


Crystal Cactus

Hayworth Dark Moon Snake Leggings, Varley, $110

What better way to say ‘New Year, New Me’ than with chic new workout gear? Inspire them to kick it (literally with classes like Rumble) with these comfy leggings. You could even pair the gift with a workout class they’ve been meaning to try out, like the incredible classes at New York Pilates.



Healing Acupuncture Session, Dr. Julie Von, Inquire regarding pricing

Dr. Julie Von’s mission is to help women, whether that is aiding in infertility, aches and pains, or just a calmer, less stressed mind. She pairs acupuncture with crystal and essential oil therapies, effectively impacting the nervous system for both short- and long-term healing.

Canyon Ranch Wellness Package, Inquire regarding pricing

No one makes wellness more of a lifestyle than Canyon Ranch, the name is synonymous with life-changing visits. The locations are constantly perfecting their classes, experts and programs, making it an absolute must for those that really want to make big changes in their life.

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