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With colder weather officially upon us (break out your space heaters), it’s time to distract ourselves from the grey and gloomy days by thinking of more cheery things. Specifically, the holidays. It might feel early to be getting in the festive spirit, but thinking ahead can mean money saved and last-minute stress avoided… so in other words, let’s get right into it.

It looks like Etsy is on the same wavelength. The online marketplace recently released its 2018 holiday trend prediction report, chock full of consumer data-driven ideas to freshen up how you approach decorating this season. We picked our top three to narrow it down. Modern farmhouse, neon, and boho chic are all trending—here are some of our favorite ways to decorate with each style from Etsy.

Boho Holiday

Cactus Ornament, Etsy ($8)

Desert-chic is all the rage lately, so dive headfirst into the style with some tree ornaments that pay homage to one of the trend’s most prevalent motifs. Delicate brass cacti and minimalist suede cords instantly elevate these tiny decorations.

Eucalyptus and Cotton Hoop Wreath, Etsy ($30)

Ditch the clunky traditional wreath in favor of something a bit more sophisticated. Eucalyptus is a perennial favorite for greenery of all varieties, and when it’s woven in with cotton and presented on a wooden hoop, it makes an unexpected (but welcome) holiday accent piece.

Triangle Tassel Winter Ornaments, Etsy ($15)

Add a geometric edge to your tree with these wooden triangle ornaments. They take a turn for the bohemian thanks to the woven tassels that hang from each rustic piece; though not so over-the-top-boho that they look tacky. Instead, they strike a balance between earthy and contemporary that’s sure to complement whatever other decorations you have going on.

Bohemian Christmas Stocking, Etsy ($33)

Gorgeous intricate crocheting aside, the color combo of this stocking’s tassels is what really drew us in. Golden orange and deep crimson is a more unusual holiday color combo, and that’s precisely what makes it so intriguing.


Modern Hanukkah Menorah, Etsy ($169)

It’s best to start small with neon accents, which is why this white ceramic menorah is the perfect backdrop for vivid tapered candles in electric blue.

Wrapped Neon Tassel Wall Hanging, Etsy ($16)

These neon hangings serve a multitude of decorative purposes—like bringing variety to a gallery wall or making your entryway key hooks a bit more colorful—but we love them as tree ornaments. Hot pink and bright yellow will modernize any holiday vignette in which they’re placed.

Geometric Paper Gem Ornament, Etsy ($22)

On the bolder side of tree decorations you’ll find this ornament set. Eight paper trapezohedrons come in eye-catching hues impossible to miss. These are the ornaments for the maximalist looking to go all out with their tree decor this year.

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse Christmas Stocking, Etsy ($29)

Christmas stockings don’t get much chicer than pure linen. Wooden buttons keep these decorations from being too simple, and will play nicely off the rest of your modern farmhouse decor.

Feed Sack Style Ornaments, Etsy ($15)

This rustic take on tree baubles is meant to mimic feed sack material, and it pretty much nails farmhouse-chic right down to the striped pattern and jute cord. The great news is that these pieces are not so cliché so as to only work for the month of December; a classic print in easy to style colors means you can keep these hanging around your home year-round. Just maybe, sans tree.

Wooden Christmas Tree Gift Tags, Etsy ($5)

If you struggle with making gift wrapping seem exciting and/or put together, a statement gift tag (it’s a thing) is the way to go. This set of 10 has you covered, with unique and durable tags you can use for sprucing up boring packaging or even writing a cute little note to your gift recipient.

Contemporary Wooden Christmas Tree, Etsy ($273)

Whether you can’t deal with the mess of a real tree or simply don’t like the look of them, you have options. A great one is this cool, contemporary wooden “tree” sculpture—all the decorative perks of a regular tree, thanks to the pegs for ornaments, and none of the negatives. It’s modern farmhouse meets Scandinavian minimalism, and if you’re a fan of either style we’re sure you’ll love it.

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