Welcome to The Deep Dive, in which we search high and low for the best of the best products for every corner of your home, from modern chandeliers to vintage rugs. Next up: dining chairs.

Dining chairs aren’t the typical first-apartment purchase. You wouldn’t live without a mattress (you need to sleep!) or a sofa (where else would you slurp instant ramen while watching The Bachelorette?), but dining room furniture never feels as essential. That is unless you ever want to host people for dinner—or just eat at an actual table every once in a while. In that case, investing in some dining chairs is crucial.

Now comes the task of playing Goldilocks and choosing the perfect set for you. If you’ve ever sat down at a restaurant and couldn’t wait to leave the table, chances are the seat had something to do with it—comfort is key. The perfect get-together starts with a killer playlist, free-flowing wine, and chairs supportive enough to linger long after dessert when the plates are left with nothing but a few crumbs. And, of course, with all that function should come a beautiful form. If you’re ready to graduate from the sofa to the dinner table and buy a real set of dining chairs, we’ve got you covered in every color of the rainbow.













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