Instagram is to the creative world what a grocery store is to a chef: an endless treasure trove of inspiration, with cool ideas at every corner. Domino editors spend a good chunk of time on the app, and while some may (justly) chalk this up to procrastination, it’s not all cat videos and celebrity stalking. Instagram is also where we discover interesting people to feature and burgeoning and unexpected color pairings. The platform is ripe with new voices waiting to be tapped for intel, and we’re just as likely to find an idea for our next story as we are a recipe for weeknight dinner.

As such, each editor’s “saved” folder is a constantly evolving virtual mood board. In the spirit of sharing our inspiration, here are some of the under-the-radar accounts our team has recently bookmarked—and whether you’re on the hunt for a Memphis-style accent table or looking to plan your next style-focused getaway, you’ll want to bookmark them, too.

Jessica Romm Perez, editor in chief

The Instagram: @marielouisescio

Why I love it: “Our Summer Issue cover star, Marie-Louise Scìo, channels the chicest coastal Italy vibes with this insider-y account.”

Follow this account if you… Have a serial case of wanderlust and seek to cure it via inspiring photos.

Meghan McNeer, visuals director

The Instagram: @saturdaymarnincartoons

Why I love it: “The Forsyth furniture sisters do a weekly Saturday morning newsletter that has blossomed into an Instagram account and, to quote MK, sparks so much joy. This speaks my love languages through a running color connection, a series of dreamy mood board–esque images that will have you either longing for summer road trips or a cozy winter fireplace (released seasonally appropriately, natch), all topped off with a bit of wit. And, of course, there’s always an interior moment that makes you want to sell everything and move to a Cotswolds chinoiserie-covered cottage, with an ethereal assortment of bibelots in orange luggage.”

Follow this account if you… Use Instagram as your 24-7 mood board.

Liz Mundle, managing editor

The Instagram: @monomio_research

Why I love it: “This creative duo finds and features incredible contemporary product design from around the world. Each post tags the creators of the featured object, which usually results in a million-tab deep dive on my part as I wind my way down a wormhole of design talent.”

Follow this account if you… Are always on the lookout for fresh designers and brands.

Gabrielle Savoie, senior home editor

The Instagram: @ettoresottsass

Why I love it: “I personally wouldn’t decorate in Memphis Milano style, but I appreciate the research and curation that goes into creating an account like this one and reviving an entire movement. Plus, the color inspiration is next level. There’s something to be learned from every design movement, whether it’s your personal style or not. This one has taught me to push my decorating style outside my comfort zone.”

Follow this account if you… Have a serious devotion to all things retro.

Lydia Geisel, digital editorial assistant

The Instagram: @aleggtz

Why I love it: “For color inspiration, I’ve been looking to Alejandra Garcia, a graphic artist based in Guadalajara, Mexico. I love the combinations she plays with when she’s experimenting with solid shapes—lilac pinks, mustard yellows, and fire-engine reds. They take on a new life when she works with Matisse-style cutouts, like on this cool staircase. If I could have her do an entire mural in my home, I absolutely would, but for now I have my eye on her small-scale prints and postcards to hand out to friends.”

Follow this account if you… Want to tiptoe into maximalism, and need a crash course in unexpected color pairings.

Elly Leavitt, associate digital editor

The Instagram: @ateliervime

Why I love it: “I always say that one day I’m going to pull a Diane Lane and Under the Tuscan Sun it to Italy, and in these hypotheticals, my dream villa looks exactly like this feed. Atelier Vime is located in France (though it shares the same old-school European charm as the setting in the aforementioned cinematic masterpiece) and formally operates as a vintage shop, so you can purchase most of the beautiful pieces you see. However, it also works as purely inspirational: Through the images, I’ve pieced together the contents of my dream future home. It includes yellow plaster walls, numerous antique mantels, and no fewer than 42 terracotta vessels.”

Follow this account if you… Have a dream of retiring to San Gimignano to harvest grapes and write poetry about your paramour, Francesco.

Rebecca Deczynski, digital editor  

The Instagram: @makemovesvintage

Why I love it: “Things I love, in no particular order: velvet, pink, shells, and pretty much anything The Nanny’s Fran Fine would appreciate. All of this can be found in Make Moves Vintage’s expertly curated feed. A mix of for-sale vintage treasures and interior shots keep the inspiration flowing.”

Follow this account if you… Need a kick to hit the flea markets this weekend; the antique treasures will inspire you to pick up something of your own.

Alyssa Clough, senior social media editor

The Instagram: @fairynuffflowers

Why I love it: “Looking at big bunches of florals on Instagram is basically my happy place, and my most recent discovery is Steph Turpin, a florist in London who creates bouquets in the dreamiest color palettes—think: ombré pinks and blues mixed with peaches. I can (and will continue to) get lost in her feed.”

Follow this account if you… Want to up your floral centerpiece game.

Sophie Miura, digital content director

The Instagram: @flackstudio_

Why I love it: “Melbourne and Sydney, my hometown, are long-standing rivals, but I have to admit that when it comes to innovative design, Melbourne wins every time. Case in point: Flack Studio, a local boutique firm producing some of the most creative, cool interiors and restaurants in Oz. The designers are masters of mixing materials and experimenting with moody hues.”

Follow this account if you… Want to step out of your color and material comfort zones.

Anna Kocharian, digital editor

The Instagram: @ryelondon

Why I love it: “Holly Wulff Petersen’s account is a curated compilation of (almost) everything I love most in life: food, travel, and beautiful interiors—plus, it provides visual relief from an otherwise saturated feed. I love the raw simplicity of her images and the stories each one tells.”

Follow this account if you… Could use an aesthetically pleasing refresh.

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