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Sleek, contemporary decor has dominated the design world for a while now, which is great news if you’re a minimalist, but not so much if you’re not. While we don’t see the pared-back aesthetic departing anytime soon, we’ve started to notice a shift toward the bold. Maximalism is trending for 2019. People are embracing retro styles and borderline kitschy decor. An analyst might say this is reflective of a larger societal movement toward celebrating individuality and encouraging statement-making—but we’re not here to theorize. We’re here to talk about your living room.

A month ago, we talked about the curved sofa trend making a resurgence. Since then, we’ve kept an eye out for other throwback designs that can easily be made to feel fresh again and stumbled upon the curved coffee table. The funky alternative to modern minimalist design has its roots in postmodernism and makes for an interesting space when paired with similar vintage styles (like, for example, a curved sofa).

Here are some of our favorite curved tables on the market just begging to be showcased in your living room.

Postmodern Sandstone Coffee Table, 1st Dibs ($7,450)

For real authenticity, look to sites like 1stdibs or Sotheby’s to unearth items that are not only vintage-inspired but are actually vintage. This investment table, made in Italy in the 1970s, is a prime example. It’s meticulously crafted from sandstone and one of a kind—so if you like it, run, don’t walk, toward the checkout.

Jelly Bean Coffee Table, CB2 ($549)

CB2’s more affordable take on the trend is an ivory cement jelly bean–shaped coffee table. The uncomplicated design makes it a good middle ground between modern minimalists and retro-loving maximalists; dress it up or down with colorful accessories or sleek brass accents, depending on your style.

XL Wu Side Table, Egg Collective ($4,300)

Maybe you’re craving something a little smaller; in which case, allow us to direct you toward this solid walnut wood piece. The abstract legs make the simple round top unique.

Lob Low Table, The Future Perfect ($15,570)

It’s definitely an investment piece, but this Christophe Delcourt table is so beautifully crafted that it’ll be the focal point of your living room each time you move. The marble and oak combination is both elegant and rustic, hitting that sweet spot between luxe design and everyday ease.

Renate Side Table, Industry West ($450)

Having a small space shouldn’t mean sacrificing bold styles—just downsize a bit. Though technically a side table, this rounded concrete piece would work well as the centerpiece of any tiny living room.

Offset Coffee Table, Wallpaper Store ($2,090)

At first glance, this Philippe Malouin–designed table looks like a regular round coffee table. But if you look a bit closer, you’ll see that the top is slightly irregularly balanced, lending visual interest to this chunky piece. As a result, it embraces the unconventional, playful silhouettes of postmodernism in a far more digestible way, thanks to the timeless oak material.

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