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Investing in artworks for your home is a big commitment. It takes a lot of time, research, and budget to find the right fit for your space. But what if we were to tell you that you can have the stylistic impact of a cool sculptural piece without the price tag or commitment? It’s time to think outside the box for your next centerpiece or mantel spread—with so much variety and so many gorgeous holders on the market, candles are fast becoming our favorite way to make a visual statement.

Contrary to popular belief, candles aren’t solely for scenting rooms or adding twinkle to tabletops. Think of these well-turned totems, textured pillars, and delicate tapers as shape-shifting sculptures with an edge. You’re sure to find an artful candle that suits your design scheme. To get you started, here are 20 of our favorites.

Photo by Cody Guilfoyle


Taper Candles, Creative Candles ($33)

Creative Candles offers a bevy of options in virtually every color you could ever need; if the contemporary black ones aren’t your style, we also love this golden yellow pair and this moody brick red pair. Display your favorite taper in a brass holder for maximum modern impact.

Rope Tapers, Greentree Home ($28)

The twist on these classic candles will add subtle texture to any space. We’re also in love with this more saturated collection—your pick, depending on whether you want to create a calming space or are looking for candles that pack a punch.

BEL, 3rd Ritual ($175)

When this candle is lit and the wax has melted enough, a pin will fall, releasing a soft bell sound. In essence, this is both a sophisticated accent piece and a meditation accessory; 3rd Ritual recommends fixing your gaze on the flame to fully concentrate. Due to its intricate detailing, this candle works well as a standalone decorative statement for your coffee table.

Fluted Pillar, Greentree Home

Incorporate this fluted pillar candle into a mix of smooth taper candles for peak elegance and contrast.

Contemporary 3-Wick Pillar Candle, Creative Candles

A classic shape gets a cool twist in the form of a matte black colorway. When lit, the three flames are mesmerizing.

Block Candle Phare Antique Celadon, Normann Copenhagen ($21)

Consider this with a selection of other sculptural candles in lieu of a traditional floral centerpiece.

Large Totem Candle, Need Supply ($20)

Looking to spruce up your home office? Add this to your workspace for a small pop of texture to provide some design relief for the more utilitarian items on your desk

Ester and Erik Cone Candle, top3 by design

Husband and wife team Ester and Erik have been making hand-dipped candles for over 30 years. Their vision was to pay tribute to the proud traditions of candle making by creating the finest and most elegant candles, and judging by the design of these sleek tapers, we’d say they succeeded.

Block Candle Dome, Normann Copenhagen ($18)

The best decor items are always the most obscure shapes. This block candle takes the sculptural accent piece idea quite literally.

Rose Calcine Candle, Carlen Parfums ($85)

This isn’t your average scented candle. The essence projects hints of dunes, wind, burnt wood, granite, and sea salt, making it ideal for a serene bedroom.

Candle Holders

Trataka, Farrah Sit

Elevate any taper candle with this brass holder.

Arch Candle Holder, Ferm Living ($95)

Calling it: This is the next minimalist home decor staple.

Duo Candlestick Speckled, Sin Ceramics ($58)

This neutral base is perfect for the indecisive decorator. Style it with black candles, and then switch them out for a bold berry depending on your mood—maybe even dare to try two tones.

Rock Candle Holder, Tom Dixon ($140)

We’re on board with anything Tom Dixon.

Vorta Candlestick and Incense Holder, Light and Ladder ($80)

TBH, you don’t even need a candle for this one; it works as a stand-alone art piece.

Bow Candle Holder, Ferm Living ($119)

Swap out whatever is currently on your mantel with this bow candle holder—trust us.

Stone Candle Holder, FS Objects ($48)

Minimalism at its finest. Marble lends undeniable luxe touch that will elevate any surface on which you place this candle holder.


Stick Lighter, Tetra ($30)

Invest in a sleek lighter that you won’t have to hide away in your mystery drawer.

2-Piece Wick Trimmer, CB2 ($25)

You will never know how good life can be until you invest in a wick cutter. No sarcasm here—it’s a real help when it comes to extending the lifespan of your favorite candles.

Zebrawood Handmade Wooden Matchbox, Glaze ($105)

Eschew your lighter altogether for a handmade wooden matchbox.

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