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Welcome to The Deep Dive, in which we search high and low for the best of the best products for every corner of your home, from modern chandeliers to vintage rugsNext up: bedsheets.

If you’ve recently read any sort of wellness article or stared at a mattress advertisement on the subway, you know: We spend a third of our lives asleep. Logically, this means that your bedding should be the most important purchase you make in the name of self-care. Realistically, this is far from the truth. After all, sheets are hidden from view for most of the year (hello, cozy duvet covers), and how different can two sets really be? 

Turns out, very. Between the variety of materials—you’d never guess the many options in the cotton category alone—and the range of punchy colors and patterns, there’s no reason to settle for convenience. We’ve done the heavy lifting and tracked down 24 of the best finds for every kind of sleeper, at every style and price point. Get ready to spend that third in total bliss.  

The Linen Ones

Ideal for hot sleepers, this crisp fabric is as breezy as it is trendy. Pick a super-saturated hue, like Hawkins New York’s peacock blue or Morrow Soft Goods’s terracotta, to contrast with the lightweight material. 

The Percale Cotton Ones

Percale is the classic white button-down of bedding; it’s versatile and durable. Go for a crinkled finish if you like the undone look, or choose a tighter woven style if you want your linens to look polished. 

The Nonpercale Cotton Ones

There’s more to cotton than just percale. It can run super-luxe (looking at you, Supima) or über affordable—either way, you really can’t go wrong. Make up for the simplicity of this cloth by going with a bold print or colorway. 

The Eco-Friendly Ones

If you’re a pro composter and hoard sustainable straws, don’t stop at your sheets. Both Tencel and eucalyptus bedding, made from natural dyes and toxin-free ingredients, are great choices for those going green.

The Sateen Ones

Silky sheets may make you think of some horribly cheesy bachelor pad, but between Dusen Dusen’s mod pattern and Matteola’s soft mauve shade, these picks go against the stereotype in every way. 

The Knit Ones

If you’re always chilly (or just aware that winter is coming), your best bet is something textured, like flannel or jersey. And if you thought the latter was just a dorm room staple, allow these stylish sets help you reconsider. 

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