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When it comes to showering a friend who is expecting, remember this: There will always be someone who gives the practical baby gift. You know—the shampoo, the diaper-disposal system, the car seat. 

We are not those kind of people. Instead we say leave the essentials to the aunties, break from tradition, and give a present that might not take care of dirty diapers but will bring surprise and delight every time a parent picks it up. (And because we’re not total monsters, there’s a stroller and night-light in our mix, too.) 

Each of these stylish baby shower gifts is a special way to celebrate a new life—especially from afar—and have a little fun while doing it. We won’t judge if you bookmark a few of them for yourself. 

So Much Better Than Another Onesie

Strawberry socks, a baby alpaca hoodie, and a bib inspired by 17th-century tapestries—tummy time is about to be a full-on fashion show.

Baby Crib Shoes, Tippy Tot Shoes ($60)
Mini Strawberry Crew Socks, Hansel From Basel ($11)
In Bloom Pink Bib by Atelier Choux, Land of Bebe ($35)

Nursery Necessities

Well, maybe we shouldn’t call an Eames elephant a necessity per se, but a wood rattle and adorable bear night-light will surely come in handy during late-night feedings.

Balloons 5 Mobile by Flensted Mobiles, Maisonette ($52)
Hand-painted Custom Garland, Ace & Em ($8 per letter)
Eames Elephant, DWR ($340)

Build a Lit Library

We’ll always be fans of the classics, but baby books have come a long way since Goodnight Moon. For example, Vashti Harrison’s Dream Big, Little One highlights 18 Black women who made history, and Art This Way introduces bebe to the works of Andy Warhol and Alexander Calder. 

Blueberries for Sal, Robert McCloskey ($15)

To Treasure Forever

It’s okay if these gifts are more for the parents than the baby, because eventually babies grow up and will give them to their little ones—we’re not crying, you’re crying! From hand-sketched porcelain to a cashmere blankie, each one is a true keepsake. 

Wildlife Fawn, Steiff ($89)
Full Heart Feeding Spoon by Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co. ($130)
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