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Even after the overwhelming number of studies reporting the negative effects technology has on our sleep, removing blue-light devices from the bedroom is still an uphill battle. For those whose lives rely heavily on their smartphones (present party included), taking a break from them can be quite the challenge, especially when it comes to bedtime. After all, what happens when phones double as alarms?

The solution is as simple as buying an analog alarm clock. Functional and minimally space-hogging, these compact clocks may be just the kick you need to keep your iPhone out of the bedroom, once and for all. If you’ve been deterred by analog alarm clocks that prize utility over style, fear not: We’ve found nine chic options that won’t rain on your bedroom’s impeccable design. Get ready to transform your space into a tech-free oasis.

If you don’t have a nightstand

Analog Alarm Clock, Braun ($40)

Measuring in at just under 7cm, this tiny clock is great for the small-space dweller. Install a floating ledge to house a few bedroom essentials and count this classic piece among their ranks.

If you’re a chronic snooze-button abuser

Metallic Tumbler Alarm Clock, Menu ($180)

Turning off this sleek Scandinavian item isn’t as simple as banging on a button—you’ll need to turn the whole thing over to shut off the beeping. If you really struggle to get up in the morning, position it on a surface not within arm’s reach of your sheets. The extra effort will make you feel marginally more awake, though we can’t promise you’ll be thrilled about it.

If you love color

AY Alarm Clock, Lemnos ($90)

A vibrant pop of coral pink will instantly brighten your nightstand. With a playful font and tiny yellow accent hand, this is the analog alarm clock for the color-driven decorator.

If you need a contemporary finishing touch

AC01 Alarm Clock, Punkt ($165)

Between the bold, primary hue and simple silhouette, this clock bridges the gap between subtle and statement-making. If your style is maximal minimalism, this modern piece deserves a spot in your online shopping cart.

If you want a retro accent

Aquamarine Charlie Bell Echo Alarm Clock, Newgate Clocks Ltd ($31)

The ultimate in classic clock design, this turquoise number will bring you right back to your elementary school days—minus the stress of having to get up early for school. Contemporary numbering and a fun color make this retro staple feel fresh.

If you always have the newest tech

Victrola Retro Chrome Digital Alarm Clock, Urban Outfitters ($25)

Not ready to go completely analog? This chrome-finish alarm is just the thing. The plug-in clock boasts a vintage-inspired design that pairs with a digital display to help bridge the gap between the old and the new.  

If you have a thing for Scandinavian style

Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock, Schoolhouse Electric ($129)

Designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, this luxe alarm features a modern palette married with traditional design, resulting in a timeless finish. Its old-school bell alarm is complemented by an LED touch sensor, which allows for visibility in the nighttime.

If you’re a categorical minimalist

HK Clock, Georg Jensen ($145)

Contemporary minimalism is at the core of the design of this sleek piece, which is decidedly just as practical as it is luxurious. Boasting Henning Koppel’s ingenious design, it’s a welcome departure from the classic alternative.

If the Mad Men set is your ideal style inspo

Grey and Black Cubic Clock, CB2 ($40)

This one’s all about the details with a hint of vintage charm. Brass hands coupled with a gray-and-black cube design earmark this alarm as a must-have for the mid-century-modern enthusiast.

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