Vacuuming doesn’t require a ton of skill, but part of what makes the chore so dreadful is the awkwardness of maneuvering the machine. Lugging it up steps, hoisting it over carpets—it’s a workout. So imagine how much more enjoyable the task would be if the tool was as light as a feather. That vacuum does exist, and it’s hiding out on Amazon, of course. 

Bissell’s Stick Vacuum has a nearly five-star rating, thanks to 36,000-plus reviewers who have praised its compact design (it weighs a mere 2.6 pounds). It’s the second-most-popular floor-care product on the e-commerce site, following a top-selling carpet spot remover. “It’s like a powerful Dustbuster with a long handle, so [it’s] perfect for little crumbs,” describes one customer. If said crumbs are hiding out in hard-to-get-to crevices, never fear: The stick has a detachable nozzle and breaks apart into two smaller versions so it can suck up debris on the stairs, kitchen countertop, curtains, or even between pesky couch cushions. 

Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum, Amazon ($30)

Its agile design is a definite draw, but so is the price point: The vacuum retails for $30. That’s around $200 less than the cheapest Roomba model, and even a dream compared to the popular Eureka Mite Vacuum, which goes for $70. Where is it written that you have to spend a small fortune to live in a clean home

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