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Yes, mirrors make a room seem bigger. Yes, they bounce light around. But they can do so much more—like double as artwork. In the entryway, above the dresser, leaned up against a wall—the right mirror in the right place can bring new life to a space. 

A new wave of reflection is upon us. No longer do mirrors simply echo the images in front of them. Bold, colorful, and bordering on the avant-garde, our picks are all about offering a new perspective. So take a peek! These finds will rival any treasured painting.

The Compelling Profile 

LikeMindedObjects UO Exclusive Face Mirror, UO Home ($140)

A little face time, courtesy of this option from UO’s Artist Editions series, could do you some good. (No, we’re not suggesting you give Mom a call.) 

The Smoke and Mirror

Francis Mirror, MoMA Design Store ($590)

While it appears that Parisian designer Constance Guisset’s Francis mirror has a natural patina to it, the whirlpool of colors is actually digitally printed inside its convex surface. 

The Ray of Sunshine

Ida Mirror, Anthropologie ($68)

Justina Blakeney’s expressive rattan design for Anthropologie will encourage some self-reflection. 

The Selfie-Starter

Vogue Mirror, Working Girls ($50)

Strike a pose on your way out the door in front of this Working Girls piece—it’ll set you off on the right foot. 

The Terrazzo Take

#3000 Concrete Mirror, The Future Perfect ($2,080)

There’s no need to be superstitious about this broken mirror by Trueing, which is designed to emulate the iconic flooring of Milanese lobbies and Venetian palazzos.

The Natural Beauty 

Raffia, LRNCE ($306)

Handmade in Marrakech, Morocco, LRNCE’s irregular rattan design is difficult to look away from. 

The Perfect Storm

Lightning Mirror, Kinder Modern ($275)

Designed by Australian brand Bride and Wolfe, this lightning bolt will send an electric shock wave of color through your space.

The Kaleidoscope

Round Square by Clara Von Zweigbergk, Domestic ($72)

This Clara von Zweigbergk option’s “frame” is part of the mirror itself.

The Party-Pleaser

Mirror Medium Crow, Seletti ($111)

This conversation-starter can follow you anywhere, thanks to a clever stand attached to the back. 

The Throwback

‘Dioniso 5’ mirror, Glas Italia ($2,670)

Glas Italia’s multicolored mirror resembles a childhood favorite: the pinwheel. You might not be able to set it outdoors, but it’s just as pleasing to stare at.

The Stone-Cold Octagon 

Athena Mirror, Concrete Cat ($750)

The mirror’s brutalist composition is elegantly offset by its delicate blush and rose color scheme.

This story was originally published on August 21, 2018. It has been updated with new information. 

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