Published on October 27, 2019

The Princess and the Pea had it all wrong. The coziest way to get a good night’s rest has nothing to do with being as far above the ground as possible—in fact, the opposite may be more accurate. Placing your mattress on the ground makes bedtime feel decidedly nostalgic—like you brought out a bunch of blankets to sleep on a trampoline or you’re experiencing the rare childhood delight of snoozing on an air mattress (but even better, because it’s a real bed that supports your back).

Floor beds admittedly have a bad reputation for appearing unfinished or untidy; the trick to pulling them off lies in the styling. The perfect number of pillows, bedding that’s been rumpled just so, and a few easy-breezy accents (like a net canopy) ensure the setup will look chic. These ideas might even convince you to give up that bed frame for good.

Try a Monochrome Look

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When your bedding, walls, and even your floors are white, it’s pretty impossible to look messy. Don’t overcomplicate it and you won’t go wrong.

Start With a Rug

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No headboard, no problem: Position your floor bed directly on top of an area rug (bonus points if it accentuates your bedding choice), and it will be perfectly framed.

Add Some Texture

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If you don’t want to spend your mornings carefully making your bed with utmost precision, buy a duvet cover that looks better when it’s a little disheveled. Textured coverlets, like this white option, are very forgiving.

Go High When Your Bed Goes Low

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A net canopy will prevent your floor bed from immediately dragging your line of sight downward. Consider this a lesson in balance.

Create a Cozy Corner

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If you’re styling a mattress on the floor in a multipurpose room (think: an office that sometimes functions as a guest room), align it with a wall to create a daybed feel. Fully tuck in the bedding so it looks nice and neat.

Don’t Forget Bedside Furniture

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Just because you’re forgoing a bed frame doesn’t mean you have to give up your nightstands. In this bedroom, a long bench and low-slung table make the mattress feel intentional.

Bring On the Layers

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Ever wish you could go to bed in a pillow fort every night? Just mix and match your sheets and duvet, add a contrasting throw blanket, and position your mattress in the center of your room—it’s the next best thing.

Pick Your Perfect Throws

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An intricately printed blanket and three richly toned pillows make this otherwise uncomplicated vignette feel posh. When surrounded by lush plants and a conveniently placed lamp, it becomes a serene place to slumber.

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