Be honest: How much attention do you really give your bathroom? Sure, you notice if it’s missing necessities or if square footage is a major issue, but aside from that, the space is often overlooked as a decorating opportunity, and that’s a shame. Your bathroom can be a place for creativity, and the easiest way to reimagine it is via a fresh coat of paint

Unlike tile, paint can make an impact in just a few hours, and it can be easily DIY-ed so you can stay well within your budget. By simply using one shade to accent a wall or combining multiple hues into a color-blocked formation, you can give your bathroom the spotlight it deserves. Just take a look at these eight bathroom paint colors, found in master suites and compact quarters alike, for proof that all-white everything isn’t always the best option. 


If you’re afraid that dark colors will make your teensy half-bath feel smaller, think again: Black has the opposite effect. When paired with a graphic wallpaper and a massive mirror in this Los Angeles home, the hue distracts from the size. A glossy finish lends an extra-luxe effect.

Soft Gray

When you have the luxury of space (hello, double sink), a gentle neutral will ensure your bathroom still feels cozy. The soft blue-gray paint used in this New York farmhouse bathroom makes the expansive cabinets look fresh, without straying too far from tradition.

Mint Green

Maybe ceiling-to-floor paint wouldn’t immediately come to mind when considering how to decorate a bathroom. But if it’s as small as this one, built inside a New Frontier Tiny Home, then a bright coat in an unexpected shade is a smart call. The mint green color gives the room some personality and it still works with the exposed wood and white details.

Emerald Green

Gold and white accents are popular choices for a bathroom, and no shade complements that pairing more than a deep shade of green. Old Brand New’s master bathroom renovation incorporates emerald behind the vanity to match the tiles on the floor. As long as you choose a favorite shade, this combination is timeless.

Dusty Pink

Let’s say that you’re not afraid of color in the slightest, but you’re not exactly sure how to bring as many shades as possible into your space. Take a cue from Linee Studio and use a color-blocked geometric pattern. The clean lines and complementary hues allow the eye to move around the room, while minimal fixtures keep it all from looking too busy.

Soft Blue

This calming seafoam shower plays up the shades of the floor tile. The combo would be stunning on its own, but the addition of various trailing plants takes it to the next level.

Bright Yellow

O’Keefe Fiorenza Design shows just how far you can push the limits of bathroom design with this example, which uses bold yellow cabinets to contrast with the geometric tilework on the opposing wall. Once again, clean fixtures keep your eye on the color.

Dark Blue

A little color goes a long way. The rich blue shade in this bathroom only graces the ceiling and top half of the walls, drawing your attention to the pretty exposed-bulb pendant lamp.

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