Small space? No big deal. Learn the basic decorating tricks to transform your work nook into a functional home office.

barely there

Carve out a workspace with a shelf-desk mounted on a corner wall and a sleek chair that won’t overwhelm the room.

camouflaged containers

Four galvanized-steel boxes–hung on the wall, yet hidden among favorite photos–keep supplies under wraps.

working every inch 

The space under the stairs is often a dead zone for storage. But with the right all-in-one desk and simple plank shelving, it’s a beautiful home office.


disappearing act

The refitted-closet office can be hidden away at the end of the workday. A modern table provides extra desk space and room to spread out.

corner office

No room for a desk? The smallest surface in the tiniest cranny can be your bill-paying, appointment scheduling, e-mail-writing command center. A slender, low-profile stool is accessible but out of the way.