Published on May 20, 2019

We’re headed into the throes of summer entertaining, and whether this means raging backyard fetes or cozy dinners for two on the balcony, it’s time to take a look at your outdoor decor and fill in any gaps. The problem? Outdoor furniture tends to run quite expensive, and it’s hard to find unique styles that will keep your patio from looking like everyone else’s.

Enter: Amazon. The retailer has thousands of outdoor decor and furniture options at every color, style, and price point. The selection is so incredible that it can be overwhelming, so we sifted through pages of products to find the very best. Here are some last-minute additions to make to your outdoor space, whether that space is a grassy lawn or a tiny terrace.

If you only have a balcony…

Bistro seating is the way to go. Prime for unwinding post-work with a glass of wine and your favorite summer dish or enjoying a slow brunch alfresco on weekends, this sunny seating set won’t take up much space but will make your balcony feel more put-together. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a cheery yellow.

You may not have space for larger light fixtures, but who says you have to exist in total darkness? String lights are the answer to a smaller outdoor space, bringing a soft glow to late nights.

Okay, so maybe the garden shed of your dreams is a little out of reach (for now). Instead, look to a few trusty tools that are so stylish, you won’t have to worry about hiding them: This sleek watering can is a great example. Use it to bring a Scandinavian design sensibility to your terrace.

The key to maneuvering a tiny terrace is finding one perfect catchall to hold everything from the aforementioned gardening tools to a mini herb garden. In a pinch, this modern cart can also serve as an entertaining station: Simply add your bar cart essentials, pop it on the balcony, and let your guests self-serve. It’ll be more fun this way—trust us.

If you have a patio…

Haven’t you heard? Southwestern style is trending, and Acapulco chairs are a mainstay of the sensibility. Go for the classic black one here for a timeless patio seating option.

Jute rugs are a staple of outdoor decor, and this simple piece will see you through many summer entertaining seasons. Place it in the middle of your seating area to anchor the space as an outdoor living room.

A sturdy two-tone planter is the best of both worlds. Equal parts durable and chic, it’ll give your favorite seasonal blooms a home and give you a chance to flex your green thumb this summer.

A good side table is a must to be used as an appetizer stand or a drink station when the occasion calls for it. This contemporary piece, designed by The Novogratz, is made from weather-resistant steel, but it’s so stylish that you’ll want to bring it indoors to use when summer comes to an end.

If you have a backyard…

Come summer, you’ll want to take advantage of your larger outdoor space by spending as much time there as possible. Whether this means laying out in the sun with a good book or gathering a few friends for an impromptu backyard picnic, a good blanket is a must, and this colorful one was made for the outdoors.

Though made for poolside lounging, this contemporary set doesn’t necessitate having a backyard pool. The cushy seating options were made for conversation, so set them up nearby to give your guests a spot to lounge at your next soiree.

S’mores are a mainstay of backyard summers, and this year you can forego the microwave for the real thing. Fire pits may seem like an expensive undertaking, but this one is surprisingly inexpensive, plus it looks like a sleek sculptural piece, so you won’t be sacrificing style.

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