Photography by na Photography by Seth Smoot

A kitchen backsplash must pass the style test. But it must also pass the tomato-sauce test. When the inevitable splatters hurtle through the air and land on the wall, will a simple wipe make things right? The best backsplashes, after all, can handle those splashes.


all together now 

Matching a classic, dark wood-grain backsplash and countertop keeps things feeling warm and cohesive. And a little retro, of course.


watch it flow 

Far from just a backsplash. Here, the marble extends to the island countertop for a sleek and finished look.

Photography by PAUL COSTELLO

personal note

Choose a corner of the kitchen to incorporate a more textured (not to mention, unexpected) backsplash.


mix it up

So your cabinets are colorful. Embrace the hue. Muted shades of blue and green in this backsplash are a perfect complement to the vibrant color of the cabinets.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

fresh flair

Bring touches of color to the space by keeping things looking clean and fresh. Opt for tiles in white and pale pastels.

(Pst, we have more bold and soft-colored backsplashes.)

Photography by JULIANA SOHN

hot pepper

Tiles with tints of red and gold make the most amazing backdrop for hanging pots and pans. Especially when that cookware is copper.

Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

on a whim If you spend a good deal of time in the kitchen (it is the hub), then let the vibe personify your mood.  Want upbeat and lively? Try a graphic and

colorful backsplash

that feels airy and unique.

Photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER Photo by Katherine Ann Rose for Be Inspired PR

modern way

If your kitchen is primarily all-white, then let the backsplash bring in the touches of color. Graphic tiles in black and gray offer just the right amount of pattern to this space.

Photography by LAURA RESEN photo by @kate.lavie

country charm

White tiles. Marble countertop. Complete the look with wallpaper in an unexpected pattern and color. Hello, yellow.

Photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER Photography by LAURE JOLIET

caribbean hues 

A natural wood countertop gets a splash of color from these Moorish-style tiles that add dimension and energy.

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